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Bones Zombie Horde

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24 minutes ago, hdclearman said:

Are those the Hasslefree models?


Yes.  I posted the whole gang here a couple of years ago.

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What a lovely group you've got there!  But their choreography needs work.  Let's take it from the top.


"It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark..."

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5 hours ago, Tjrez said:

nice job , what did you use to make the bases


Thanks.  The bases were done with multi purpose Polyfilla.


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    • By Chaoswolf
      I speed painted these zombies probably a month ago, I just haven't been in the mood to take pictures or hobby since I finished 'em. Well, I had a pretty good day yesterday, and I think my mojo might be back, so you get some pictures.
      I think I spent about 7 hours on them as a group, and they're painted to a tabletop level. Thanks for looking.


    • By stormbreach
      Hi again.  I just finished my third mini in about a month, pretty good after a more than two year hiatus I think!  So this is one of the zombies from the set of several different poses.  I started this one thinking he would be just a quick throw-together job to say I finished another mini and to get him off my shelf but after a little work I was starting to like him.  I was thinking his flesh tones were looking a little too healthy for a zombie and not as pale as I intended so in order to lighten him up and make him more ... dead... I started to learn how to glaze!  That's awesome because I need that to continue working on a dragon I've had on hold for too long.  There's a little glazing on his clothes too for highlights but they don't show in the picture very well so maybe I didn't take them far enough so I'll be working on that, plus there wasn't much surface area on the clothes so that made it difficult to take it to a higher level.  So I call this a success because I started to learn a new technique and he turned out to be far more than I expected at the start.  He could still be more pale, but I'm calling him "freshly dead" and moving on!
      Just a quick question while I have your attention, did I do the static grass right?  Is it standing up enough?  I never really know if I'm doing it right.

    • By Last Knight
      In an odd coincidence that I swear I had nothing to do with, the passing of George Romero coincides with my finally completing a set of 77342, Zombies, from the second Bones Kickstarter.
      I thought it might be nice if people painted (and shared) zombies, to honor the life of a man who changed horror movies forever.

    • By Inarah
      And you can always use more zombies on the table. These came from KS2.  They painted up pretty quick, base coat and a wash and they were done. 

    • By KruleBear
      So last weekend the KruleBear Cub wanted to paint his Bones zombies green (apparently Scoobie Doo dictates Zombie colors). So I took this as an opportunity for some bonding time and to try out some ideas for the Zombicide zombies. I did these using the zen of Bones...i.e. no flash or mold removal. Washed in soap and water, glued to bases for stability, primed, and then set up to base coat the skin. I painted the three on the left and the 4yo painted the two on the right. His skin looked as good or better than mine. The one he painted three different colors....as I learned from him that converted them from bad guys to good guys! 
      I then base coated the clothes, hair, and bases. I slathered on Army Painter Dark Tone Wash (not the poly dip, but their corresponding water based wash). Once dried I rimmed the bases in black and put offwhite on the eyes. One of them I did a light drybrush of the base skin colors. All coated with clear poly followed by DullCote. I am happy with them....except for the flash and mold lines which would have taken a couple hours to clean up. I think I will use this method to start painting my Zombicide zombies to get some color on the board. This was a fast paint for me...probably 2.5 hours total including cleaning a kid and not including drying times.

      They are sitting on a Hirst Arts castle I have been building. 

      Finally the Cub has been helping me punch out tokens for the five different Zombicide game versions I have and wanted to play zombies and good guys....we compromised to get a zombie game that was more age appropriate to a 4 yo....I introduce you to Candyland Zombicide where the good guys are protecting the various destinations! 

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