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I have been working on these off and on since December. I just don't have enough time to paint anymore and a couple of other projects ended up taking priority.

The two half tracked vehicles are the Pak 40 Auf S307(f) and the fully tracked vehicle with the big gun is a Geschutzwagen 39H(f). These vehicles are from the 21st Panzer Division during the Normandy invasion. At the time the 21st was critically short of armored vehicles so Alfred Becker setup a workshop and lead the team that converted the captured French armor. On the halftrack vehicles the designation indicates that it is equipped with the German 75mm anti-tank gun mounted on an S307 halftrack with the "(f)" indicating that it is French based. The same applies to the 39H(f), a vehicle based on the hull of a French 39H tank.









If you are interested in the process here are links back to my blog that follow the whole project from start to finish.


















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Very cool!

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Very neat vehicles; I like the paint job.


I'm sorry if I missed it, but what scale are they?

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These are technically 1/56th scale which most of the historical manufacturers have finally settled on as the proper scale for 28mm miniatures. My western town of Calamity is also being built to this scale.

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    • By Heisler
      I have managed to side track myself onto another project. This is to support my WWII skirmish gaming needs with a nice selection of buildings to represent farms and smaller villages in the Normandy countryside. I have been gradually acquiring troops for the Normandy invasion (and painting them even slower) and realized that I don't really have any terrain to go with them. This first building is an exercise in using photo realistic images to replace most of the painting that is normally required on one of these. While the initial building took longer than anticipated I think I succeeded in lowering the amount of time I needed to spend with a paint brush on it. I might even explore using some of these "textures" on buildings for my western town of Calamity.

      There are a number of posts on my blog going through the build













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      Elie Wiesel, author, Holocaust survivor, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has died, aged 87.
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      WWII was a major conflict and as such there are many model kits and miniatures out there.
      However it has always struck me as odd that there are so few Japanese forces made.
      Sure, there are some airplane kits, and some Chi-Ha tanks and a few infantry kits.
      But is like they were a minor force if we compare it to the abundance of German, Russian and Allied troops.
      I mean you can buy models from a lot of regular trucks, half tracks and such, but the Japanese only get a Tank or two?
      Maybe I've been looking at the wrong places. And I must admit I haven't been following new releases for WWII kits.
      But lately I got a little interest again.
      So I'm curious, I prefer 28mm metal miniatures for this, what is out there depicting Japanese WWII forces?
      Preferably vehicles.
      Anyone know of a few nice metal kits?
    • By Heisler
      I'm getting back into WWII skirmish gaming so that, of course, meant that I needed a new "army". I opted for a more elite force this time and started off with British Airborne troops nicknamed the Red Devils for the maroon beret that they wore. These particular minis are from Warlord Games for their Bolt Action WWII rules. I'll be using Chain of Command from Too Fat Lardies instead. I like the "feel" of Chain of Command better and it has some interesting game mechanics.
      The British Airborne camouflage jacket is known as the Denison smock and consisted of a slightly greenish yellow base colored cloth painted using large brushes with green and brown swatches. This meant that literally every smock was different. The first section of troops along with a supporting machine gun are done, although they still need to be based. I ended up having to order bases which might arrive this week, I received a notice that they were shipped today.
      From start to finish:


      And the WIP progress on my blog for those that are interested:
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