Bring Your Spawn to Work Day

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Great paint job but I have to add a :blink:


As an adventurer, I'm getting so many mixed messages.  They're wielding weapons!  They're snarling at me!  Clearly we should attack!


But wait, look at those cute l'il spawns!  They're just protecting their young!  If we attack them, we'll be the monsters!


Next thing you know, our inability to decide what to do results in a surprise first round for the tiik where they all get free attacks!  TPK!!!

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Those turned out great!



It does remind me of Gary the Stormtrooper's dilemma on take you daughter to work day... :lol:


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Those look so great!  You did a lot with just a few colours and they really look menacing!

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where did you get the wee baernes?  I haven't seen the baby fish monsters before...

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They are part of #3612, aquatic familiars. 

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Brilliant move including the spawn!  They turned out great!  ^_^

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Very nice paint jobs, and adding the little fellas is a great idea!

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    • By Glitterwolf
      I will paint and create a Reptilian Army pure for fun.
      It will consists of many different kind of Reptiles and Amphibians.
      Mostly Snakemen, Lizardmen, Frogmen, Dragonmen, Turtlemen, Fishmen, Dinosaurs and Insects.
      I will happily include any monster I think will fit.
      Khanjira will be the centrepiece at some sort as the Living Lizard God.
      I do not play any games, so this will be pure for my own and (I hope your)  fun to create.
      EDIT: The above was my original plan, over time and thanks to the comments made by other Forumites, this has developed into a story.
                This resulted in more Factions I wanted to build and paint, so this Project now also includes Pirates, Conquistadores, Native Warriors based on Inca/Aztec/Maya cultures.
      EDIT: And now it will also include some Undead!
      Captain Luigiano and his army had been travelling through the jungle for weeks now.
      The sunlight was blocked by the dense canopy of trees.
      Some of the men had contracted fever, and those darn mosquitos were a big nuisance!
      He looked at the golden plaque he had obtained.
      Gold, with a snakeman made out of gems on it.
      With this he had convinced the men to follow him.
      Somewhere in this accursed jungle there was a city made of gold, he was sure of it.
      They would conquer this city and become rich beyond belief.
      He looked at his army, they even had a few cannons.
      Nothing would stop them!
      Finally they reached a clearance.
      The men were pleased, at least they could see the sun again.
      They took a rest and a drink, tended to the sick.
      Suddenly they heard a loud roar from the other side of the clearing.
      Birds flew away, trees where falling!
      Some poison darts flew and two soldiers fell, they died before they hit the ground.
      A loud roar and an enormous terrifying Lizard appeared.
      One soldier died out of fear from just looking at it.
      Then the Reptilian Horde emerged from the Jungle.
    • By Sharkbelly
      Now that the Marid and Hippocampus chariot is finished, it's time to move on to the next project: the Tiik! I picked up five of them (one is a baron) and would like to paint them in exotic color schemes. Here are a few that I have found:

      Anyone else have some cool ideas? I'm avoiding clownfish because I don't want Nemo in my army...
    • By Inarah
      This started when I found fishmen bodies in the trade-in bin at Reapercon.  Thanks to everyone who helped me search for hours for the arms. I completely forgot that they had detached tails as well and ended up sculpting some very poor imitations when I got home.  Went through the bits box and gave the two big guys some added weapons, one has a sword, the other a magic staff topped with a chunk of coral. Dug out some Bones from one of the KS to add to the mix. 
      Their names are War, Pestilence, Famine, Death, and Bad Gumbo. 

      I finished painting them in December, but just got the bases done this weekend. 
    • By Pingo
      Forumites may remember I painted this more than a year ago.
      Which I did, and then I, errr forgot to take finished pictures and post them.  Sorry.  I'm fixing that.
      This is Reaper's Bones kraken, #77291, which I believe was once offered in a resin-metal combo but is now sold in the much lighter and less fragile (and less expensive) Bonesium.
      When I put one together for a friend, I noted that the front end would make a pretty good carnivorous plant, especially when tucked into a lotus flower-shaped candleholder we have.  It also seemed a pretty good evocation of the Sarlacc in "The Return of the Jedi".
      So when I put my own together, I left the body and the front end separate, both for ease of storage and for versatility of use.  (I never did figure out how to put the tentacles on, though.  I tried to follow the store image in both the ones I put together and they still both came out different.)
      I also love this model because it comes with a wonderfully elaborate base, the prow of a wrecked ship.  We have been using that as scenery.
      Some of the creature has been painted with interference paint, which is either near-transparent or luminously glowing iridescent color depending on the angle of light and viewing.  I've tried to include pictures to show the change.
      First are photos with a white background, to show the model clearly (I went a little overboard with underwater effects later).  A few have Dark Sword Miniatures' mermaid warrior, DSM 1197, to show the scale of the model.  This creature is BIG.





      Dark Sword Miniatures' mermaid warrior, DSM 1197, included to show the scale of the model.










      Very, very old WIP thread here.
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