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Campaign Cartographer 3+ Annuals Updates

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Just letting any folks here that use Campaign Cartographer 3+ and have Cartographer's Annual subscriptions know that the Profantasy has finished updating all the older Annuals to the newer version of the program, as of last week or so. ::):


I have been getting the Annuals for CC3 and CC3+ since the first issue - and the first issue had a map style that I have used exactly once, but for a long, long time. (Issue 1 had a Mercator style map, just as I was working on a 1750s era Orc & Elf War* D&D 3e campaign - I only used the template once because it did the job perfectly the first time. ::): )


The Auld Grump


* Based on the French & Indian War - the Orcs and Elves are on the same side... in the real world the French & Indian War had some of the earliest and best documented cases of what is now called PTSD - now add an enemy that has night vision. And the fact that the Orcs aren't exactly the bad guys.... (The treatment that the English gave the American Indians - including their putative allies was... less than stellar.)

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