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David Brawley

David's Highlands Familiar & Menhir

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So I didn't really take too many pictures of this as it was going, but I'm kinda stuck with what the things on the Menhir's base are? Bones? Reeds? I'm debating just covering it all with flock and not worrying about it.


Image may contain: plant


Image may contain: plant


Any thoughts?

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Nac Mac Feegle wha hae!


The wee free man is looking mighty good.    I like the tartan and the details surrounding the menhir as well.  As for what's on its base, I dinnae.  Maybe roots or vines?  

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They could be sticks or vines, but they look a little too thin to be bones.


Decide what you think they are, then paint them that way, and that's what they'll be. :)

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