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77134: Hajad the Pirate

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Eyes get less painful the more you paint. Reaper sells a monster that's covered in eyes if you want to get in a lot of practice on one figure, but it'll come in time painting them in the usual pairs. ;-> Good lighting, a good brush, and magnification can also be very helpful. The brushes in the LTPKs are good for general painting, but they're not the ideal kind for details like eye painting. 


I think he looks great, you did a wonderful job!

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    • By Baldur8762
      Hello all!
      I present my latest paint, 77079: Isabeau Laroche.  As with all the mini's I have painted thus far, there are parts I love, and parts I don't.  I complained about many things already in the WIP thread I did for this mini so I won't go through it all again.  I am most pleased with the freehand I did on the shield.  It is a galdratákn, an old Icelandic magical ward, it is named Óttastafur and it is meant to instill overwhelming fear in your enemies. Feedback and comments are very welcome!

    • By Rahz
      So...  not having enough WIPs on the go already, my box of Bones lovelies arrived and this happened. 

      The plan is to paint him in blues/whites/greys and MAYBE have him breathing something cold onto an opponent of some sort.   Digging through my Bones and the Reaper website for ideas so he might end up on a nice frozen landscape trying to fend off someone.  Currently leaning towards a knight with their shield forward or a wizard of some sort.  
      Once the Green Stuff cures, he'll get a thin coat of blue liner and then the real work will begin while I search for his opposition. 
      Thanks for looking. 
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      Got some paint on one of my Bones 3 minis. This is one of the ogre trio. Just phone pics, so I apologize if they look gods-awful. He looks wet because he has a layer of gloss sealer on him. I leant out my matte sealer and I don't have it back yet. When I do, he'll get a coat of that to knock the sheen down. He's destined for the tabletop (as are all my minis really).

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      I'm creating a world in my LOST WORLD PROJECT.
      When doing this I made a project within a project.
      WIP's here:
      Since she would not be visible enough in the diorama alone, I made a separate thread for her.
      This is ALSNIA @knarthex's daughter.
      It all started out when the real Alsnia showed a pic of a albino snake with flowers on it's head.
      Things rapidly spun out of control and the project was born and merged with my own project.
      For the Show Off of TANITH'S AWAKENING look at this:
      Here is Alsnia Solo.
      I used Bones Sarah the Seeress 77210 for this.

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      Tried to shoot for a first painted Bones 3 figure, but @Werkrobotwerk seems to have beat me to that (via the Randomness thread). Oh well! At least I can post up as maybe the first Bones 3 figure. Right?
      Anyway, spent about two hours on this tonight after I did the unboxing video of my Bones 3 box of goodness. Enjoy!

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