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02986: Eldessa, Necromancer

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So in my spree to rebase everything I have to round bases I got to this miniature. She has a very, very, old paintjob that dates back to 2011.


I took the opportunity to spruce her up a bit. Bit better blending, some color in the sword, a new base, the works. She is kinda nude though, so she is behind the links.


Linked for nudity

New front:

New back:



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It looks fantastic! Really beautiful! 


What nudity though?

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nice job, curious see what your gonna do with the base.

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Love the summoning of the snake set up!

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    • By Rickdraco
      I have been away from painting for what seems like ages, but the other day I went back to Duke Gerrard and completely repainted him.   I kept it pretty simple, and the face is as basic as they come (I could not even paint in his eyes)  but I think overall he is better.  The main armour was painted using the palest purple I could find, a craft paint called Iris, followed by a simple wash with army painter purple tone quickshade ink. The cloak I used Golden yellow followed by a wash of army Painter Strong Tone.

    • By PurpleLlama
      I figured I would make a WIP for the next mini I paint.  I mostly have monsters to paint right now as I'm a little intimidated by trying to make skin look good.  So far I've just got some areas base coated.
      Any comments, ideas or suggestions are welcome!  Still trying to figure things out.
      The cloak and shirt are a little bright right now.  I'm thinking the base colors might be closer to final highlight colors for those.  Armor is a black undercoat for the dark silver metallic I'm planning.

    • By Lucian523
      Hi everyone so I'm currently working on painting the 3 reaper mini's painted below.
      From left to right; Nonalla, Thor, and Telemnar. I'm mostly working on Thor pictured in the center first.
      Also for picture taking...Are the pics with flash better than the no flash pics? I've attached both for reference.
      No flash first, then the flash pics are second.

      So for Thor the barbarian its hard to tell, but I tried to dry brush his hair a lighter brown.
      I've just watched some of Ghool's painting videos on Youtube.
      Am I a lot better off if I try to actually paint on the highlights, or can dry brushing it on be sufficient?
      Also I'm having some trouble with his fur, I tried dry brushing a light brown/white over it, but is doesn't really look
      very good, what can I do to fix it? Or do I just need to go with an even lighter color?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By evilcoatrack
      I painted this guy over the weekend to toy around with the LED Blue paint I haven't gotten to use much since I got the MSP 2014 expansion set last holiday season.  I'm not terribly happy with the OSL, and could have spent hours more doing more glazes and highlights, but he's going on a shelf for sale at my LGS and I made myself limit my time for extra details since I've found there's an upper limit on what the local D&D players are willing to spend. 
      Anyway, I really liked the sculpt and had a lot of fun with him.  Here's hoping he sets something on fire on a gaming table soon!

    • By EldritchEladrin
      Hey gang!
      Thought I'd post the Eldritch Demon I painted recently. I decided to take a departure from the iconic green flesh mythos monster look and try a more orangey-jaundice flesh tone. Also used a yellow/orange mix to highlight the cool patterns covering the skin.

      Also, used the MSP Adamantium Black to give the base a neat volcanic/space rock look.

      I did keep the tentacles a traditional pink colour. Just seemed to fit with the whole new flesh, soft and squishy, feel (like a sea creature without its shell?)...

      Cheers! :)
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