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02986: Eldessa, Necromancer

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So in my spree to rebase everything I have to round bases I got to this miniature. She has a very, very, old paintjob that dates back to 2011.


I took the opportunity to spruce her up a bit. Bit better blending, some color in the sword, a new base, the works. She is kinda nude though, so she is behind the links.


Linked for nudity

New front:

New back:



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It looks fantastic! Really beautiful! 


What nudity though?

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nice job, curious see what your gonna do with the base.

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Very cool!  Gotta love those Necromancers!!

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Love the summoning of the snake set up!

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I like the strength of the colors in the new version.  Nice work.

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Very nice work on her!

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    • By Darius Glenwell
      I finally got a chance to paint up some of my own giants! Nothing to special on these. I think each took around 2-4 hours depending on what details I really wanted to pick out. I'm kinda liking the blue tint I left in the Frost giant's hair. Thanks for looking! 

    • By SGHawkins09
      Well, I finally got to a point on these where it would be worth it to post. These are my major projects that I will be working on for the next few months and all four are planned ReaperCon entries. Right now there is not much to see as they are just at the primer stage but the bases are built and also ready for paint. So from left to right we have the Dark Elf Assassin from Scale 75, Tarko from Scale 75's Fallen Frontiers line, Dark Sword's Wood Elf Warrior, and Reaper's own Crimson Herald.
      Please excuse the blurry pics, I am cleaning my apartment and this was the best place to take pics.

    • By Lucian523
      Hi Everyone, I've decided to give the WIP thread thing a 2nd try. I hope 8 isn't too many mini's to include in one thread.
      But now I've got this idea that I'm going to paint them in an assembly line type fashion and see how that turns out.
      The two mini's that I've already started on are the last two of the DGS mini's (on the right side)
      The two on left are both Reaper Mini's (Technic Captain & Eando Kine)

      I used a hobby knife to saw away at Eando's right hand until I could separate his hand from his body, then I bent his arm until it was near a 90 degree angle. I then used a pin drill to drill out a slot in his hand,
      so after I attach halberd I'll need to fix his hand too. The halberd is modded too, I added the spear tip by pinning on the top portion of a sword blade. I kind of wish I had some sculpty material, but it
      turned out okay in the end.
      I also added the sword/gladius to the valkyrie, I didn't know if the hilt would interfere with her shield arm so I pinned it onto the back, I kind of wish it was on the side now, but it's too late for that.
      Last but not least I bought 4 hasslefree mini's, I decided to try out the resin ones, these will be the first resin mini's I'll try to paint.
      I still have to wash these, the two mini's on the left I've already assembled, the one on the far right, I'm holding off on adding her shield until later, since it gets in the way of the face.
      The dwarf will also have a shield on his backside, I'm not sure if I want to attach it now or later.

      The last picture shows the difference in scale, the dwarf is the shortest of the Hasslefree mini's and the Ragnar looking guy is the tallest. I may have a hard time painting their eyes.
      So I have 3 goals in mind for these mini's they are
      1) Use a lighter palate/selection of colors, all the last mini's of mine have had a very dark look, so I want these to be significantly lighter.
      2) Get better at shading the weapons, I'm going to try to use color blending on the sword/axe/spear blades
      3) To buy some basing material and give that a try on this round of minis (I may practice on a few old ones first).
      Thanks for looking, I'll be asking for some tips/advice as I proceed with these.
    • By Thrym
      I decided to open a thread for all to use to report your latest mini purchases so we might oooo and aaaah at your shrewd bargaining or clever haggling (assuming your FLGS allows such a thing).
      Obviously, this means I made a purchase last night at my Not-so Local but Friendly enough Game Store.
      Field Report :: Tuesday, June 4th, 2014 :: Millennium Games, Rochester, NY
      I approached the wall of Bones with a smattering of DHL expecting to find little I didn't already have.  Immediately, I find the Bright Orange from Vallejo.
      Field Report Side Note :: Non-mini related :: Sort of because it has mini-ships in it
      I found the recently released, and on my list of things to buy soon as money in hand, Firefly The Board Game expansion, Pirates and Bounty Hunters.
      Now we can have 6 or 7 players on Friday game night.  YAY!
      - Field Reporter Thrym, Dept. of Aquisitions
    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Good afternoon everyone!
      I've finished this tabletop + figure for one of my Players in my Broken Gods D&D game, this is Cairan the Warlock (pronounced as Keer-awn). He's the god of Death and War (tactics), think Valkyrie or the goddess "Morrigan" from Celtic lore.
      Anyhow, it took probably 4-ish hours do do this figure to the TT+ standard and I added an eagle or hawk familiar from one of the bones familiar packs to his shoulder painted up as a large crow as the character has a large crow as a familiar.

      Sorry for blurry pics, my phone is not cooperating with me today!
      Anyhow, C&C are welcomed and appreciated, thanks for looking!
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