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Sat down for two hours today to make the time until bones 3 shipment notification go by.  Thought I'd try a speed paint of something largish.  Wasn't sure if this should have gone in the WIP thread.  Not putting it in show off though since it is far from what I would consider done.  Still, a fun test of my speed.


2:39 pm about to rip open the bag.



2:51 pm mold lines trimmed, washed, glued to a base.




3:13 pm.  Brown linered.  Poured too much so a big puppy got some liner too.  Had to wait for drying anyway.




3:47 pm.  Green hair, off white weapon and other accessories.  Eyes.




4:08 pm. Skin.  Lots of skin.  




4:28 pm.  Blue and purple/red cloth and accessories.  What, only 10 minutes left?  




4:41 copper details.  Little leather.  Okay, technically a couple minutes over.  Would have liked to go for another 20-30 min but I had to run out.  






mission accomplished?  Well, there base could use some attention.  And the face.  Really all of the skin could use a highlight. And the hair.  


But I think I'll keep it as is for now to show what I am capable of in two hours.  Maybe try this again in a while (there is the male still to do) and see if I get any faster.


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Your 2 hour paint job looks way better than my 2 day paint job. Nice work!!!

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On May 22, 2017 at 8:12 PM, Taskmaster99 said:

Your 2 hour paint job looks way better than my 2 day paint job. Nice work!!!


Nice of you to say, Taskmaster.  There's a lot I'd do with a little more time, but I am happy with it for what it is.  I think it's a good exercise and recommend trying a quickie from time to time.  Helps get you to realize what you can do with simpler techniques and color choice which can come in handy even when you are taking your time. 

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Very good!


Love it!

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