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01604: Eli Quicknight as Twynblade the Rogue

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The texture on the cloak and the armor looks really good!  Eyes that are difficult to access are the bane of most people's painting, and while there are lots of tutorials it can take a while to find one that works for you.  The Bette Davis Eyes method is a good place to start.  Keep practicing and you'll get it!  ^_^ 

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Looking good for mini #6! 


As for eyes, it depends on the size of the eyes for me. Sometimes I use a Pigma Graphic Micron .005 pen, other times I'll use a brush with a really great point. 

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Only your 6th mini?!  Amazing!  I have been painting for a couple months now and I am not anywhere close to your level.


I have used a toothpick to paint eyes that seemed too small for a bush.  If the existing tips of the toothpick is to large you can sharpen it to get it nice and sharp.

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11 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Great work on him!!


Do you have any plans for his base?


Funny you should ask! I just took the plunge today and bought a bunch of basing materials. I'm about halfway done with his base now and it's turning out pretty good. I'm trying to decide on a color scheme for the ground. I think I'll go for something brown and muddy to tie into the bottom of the cloak. I'll post pictures here as soon as I'm done!

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Very nice job. I love the cloak.


As for straightening: If it is a bones miniature cook up some water, stick the mini in and it should straighten out. Obivously you don't want to do that when you are done painting, though I guess with finish on it... but I wouldn't try it. For metal find a flat surface edge and put the weapon it, the mini to the side of it and flatten it.

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