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nice job, i like the rope and worn bag effect

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That skintone is great!


I like it better than the usual fleshtones for Ogres.

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That is a really cool looking Ogre. Beautiful work!

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Nice work!

I agree that the red cloth is drawing the eye too much. I would suggest painting it the same blue that you used on the shield, that way it will still stand out from the ground, but not pull so much attention away from the ogre.

Alternatively, you could add red toward the top of the model to balance it out. Examples would be adding a touch of blood to his hammer or painting the ropes that are wrapped around his bracers as red cloth.

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    • By InvisibleThumb
      While waiting for water effects to dry (more boring than paint) I finished up a couple minis that have been on the desk for a while.  His one here is a favorite.  Got all rainbow inspired when painting up a great worm.  This was the first mini where I'd used the sand/gravel and glue mix to "sculpt" a base.  Had lots of rocks to stick into it as it dried.  After a dark primer and light drybrush, I liked the look of it so much I didn't want to paint over it for a few months.  Well I finally brought it back to the painting desk about a month ago and have been hitting the rocks with various leftover Browns and grays.  I was not entirely happy with he underside until I thought to drybrush a fleshy color (suntan flesh) and it really did it for me.  What do you think?




    • By InvisibleThumb
      Sat down for two hours today to make the time until bones 3 shipment notification go by.  Thought I'd try a speed paint of something largish.  Wasn't sure if this should have gone in the WIP thread.  Not putting it in show off though since it is far from what I would consider done.  Still, a fun test of my speed.
      2:39 pm about to rip open the bag.

      2:51 pm mold lines trimmed, washed, glued to a base.

      3:13 pm.  Brown linered.  Poured too much so a big puppy got some liner too.  Had to wait for drying anyway.

      3:47 pm.  Green hair, off white weapon and other accessories.  Eyes.

      4:08 pm. Skin.  Lots of skin.  

      4:28 pm.  Blue and purple/red cloth and accessories.  What, only 10 minutes left?  

      4:41 copper details.  Little leather.  Okay, technically a couple minutes over.  Would have liked to go for another 20-30 min but I had to run out.  


      mission accomplished?  Well, there base could use some attention.  And the face.  Really all of the skin could use a highlight. And the hair.  
      But I think I'll keep it as is for now to show what I am capable of in two hours.  Maybe try this again in a while (there is the male still to do) and see if I get any faster.
    • By InvisibleThumb
      Here are three Reaper Bones fungi-folk.  Not trying to compete with Malefactus or anything.  Just having fun with secondary colors.  I tried making my image file sizes smaller but it seemed to make the pictures blurry.  What do y'all think?


    • By InvisibleThumb
      WIP #1 was animals.  
      WIP #2 will be plants.  
      Until Bones 3 arrives, I only have 2 sets of plant creatures.  Spirit of the Forest and Mushrooms (a 3 pack).  I decided to warm up with the fun guys.  First sliced some mold lines.  Not too bad and not being super picky with these.  Here they are ready for their bath.

      After some hot water and a scrub with the old toothbrush, I mounted them each on their own homemade holder.

      staff on the big one was noticeably less bent after the hot water rinse.
      then they got a diluted coat of brown liner.

      next up... Base coats.
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