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Using Golden Heavy Body

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I've recently inherited several hundreds of dollars worth of Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics that I'd like to add to my mini paint collection. Obviously these are a lot thicker than Vallejo or Reaper, so I'm curious to see if anyone had suggestions on how I might thin them to a more fluid consistency, without diluting the pigments too much. The cadmiums look amazing, and I hate to see all these tubes of paint go to waste.


I assume a good starting point would be Golden's own brand of Fluid Matte Medium, but thought I'd ask here in case anyone's had experience with this. Thanks in advance!

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Congratulations.  Golden is my favorite brand of acrylics.  Their heavy body acrylics are excellent quality, really beautiful paints.  


I use Golden's matte fluid acrylics for miniatures, occasionally supplemented with heavy body acrylics for colors outside that range, such as Pyrrol Orange.  When I use a thicker acrylic paint on miniatures I thin it with water and matte medium, generally.  So your instincts are good.


Cadmiums are gorgeous, and far more opaque than most pigments.  They were what I used for reds, oranges, and yellows when I was a kid.  You definitely won't have the notorious "coverage" problems most other reds and yellows have.


You should, however, use reasonable precautions with cadmiums as they are a family of hazardous heavy metal pigments.  You shouldn't eat or drink while painting.  Light protective gloves are a good idea.

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