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fantastic work, your highlights are very well blended and those eyes are outstanding, looks like shes wearing make up. 

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Thanks guys!  The eyes I was pretty happy with, but the nicest part of the model is that it's big enough where the eyes were relatively easy. The only problem really was the color, I was trying to do a brighter red, and hopefully in the photo you can see that they are indeed red, but as I kept going in there with the red dot, it didn't seem to take as much as I wanted to and as a consequence I think they look more brown than red.  But oh well...


And yup, she is wearing some make up!

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    • By 72moonglum
      Hi all,
      just finished this one last night, hope you enjoy! Another really nice figure from Chris Fitzpatrick and his company Crocodile Games.  This was from their most recent Kickstarter if I'm not mistaken.
      Thanks for looking!

    • By 72moonglum
      So just finished this one up last night, Artemis from the most recent Kickstarter of Crocodile Games, sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick.   Not adding any pictures from behind as don't want to violate any policies on unclothedness, hopefully the pictures I chose were all right. 
      So really enjoyed painting this one up, as there was very little metal I had to worry about.  Actually the most difficult or time consuming part on this one was the straps on her sandals and then the design on her cloak which was not freehand but actually sculpted on to the cloak. Overall very nice figure I think to paint and it's a nice larger scale, so the face and eyes were pretty easy to work on. 

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