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I love your work! 


I have the minis from this set in metal. I have had them for years now but never painted them. They were my first exposure to mins. I just actually primed one to get ready to paint so I hope my work turns out as nice as yours!  I love the GW LOTR minis, the only physical product they make that I like! 

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I really appreciate the compliments. The LOTR range is great, WHAT SUCKS is their scale. Unfortunately depending on what you buy, plastic, finecast, or metal are all kinda off in scale. The lotr range wasn't taken care of properly, and I would say their metal heroes and plastic boxes are the only things worth buying. Stay away from the finecast. I touched up Boromirs face and posted pics for scale. The perry mini to the left is 28mm, the souls mini to the right is 32-35.


Also if you dig my stuff, throw me a like!  https://m.facebook.com/KendalsBullbroccoli/?ref=bookmarks



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Wow, black is a very tricky colour to work on and yours turned out great. Well done. I started my painting journey with the The lord of the rings miniatures, I have never got about to painting them. I agree totally about the scale issues and to a degree the quality levels too.  Its just all over the place. Having said that, those group of minis are still among my most cherished miniatures. 

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