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Bones IV pre-launch & news

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I don't suppose there happen to be nine of those guys, one of which has a crown?


Not yet but there will be three more coming and one of the ones in the photo has the crown.





OK, if there's a male counterpart then I'm getting them both and painting them up like my cats. :wub:



CAT CHIBI!!!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:




I'm not a chibi fan, but...I think I might have to acquire that at some point.


Also, undead dragon, yaaaaay!


Thanks for the pics!!



--OneBoot :D


She's the first of a line of Egyptian Pantheon complete with animal heads.

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BABA YAGA'S HUT!!! was in the showcase! BONES IV will be s great ride!


Pics or it didn't happen.





Looks like I need to make sure I get a second job.

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I am liking the look of some of those translucent things in the cases. They look like frosted glass.

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There's six instead of nine. Hehe


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I saw a new bugbear, a new* ogre, a new succubus, what I assume is a cockatrice(the bird thing near the new undead dragon), and a handful of new* footmen that I want, in addition to the new wraiths.


*I know the ogre has a metal version already available. I'm assuming the 3 metal footmen on the round bases are either already available or will be soon, despite my quick search-fu failing to find them. I assume because they're actually there, in metal form, rather than as greens or 3d-printed plastics.

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Neither do i. I'm excited about the summoner and the dragons and the ogres.


Same here. That bugbear, the very 3D hero with sword, and that Pathfinder forgefiend looking thing are also pretty cool. Still, it's all about those Nazgûl for me. I only have one (this one) and I painted it just over 20 years ago. Can't wait to get some new ones.

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