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May (ish) and June RPChallenge

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Ok so early May kinda train-wrecked for me and my family so I really haven't had much time to write it up until now, apologies for the delay.

Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
All the information you need should be here.

Due to the revised format, there will be more than one bonus challenge available for this month. Including a "Hard mode" which Is some combination that may or may not have a source behind it.

May and June 2017

Your challenge is: 9!

Bonus Challenge: The First!
Beware the Batman. In May 2014, this series first aired on Adult Swim. Paint a character you want to resemble a hero or villain from the series. Characters in the series may be found here:

Bonus Challenge: The Second!

Spirit of Summer. No, no the mini, but you can do that if you wish. Paint a mini that embodies the spirit of summer to you. It can be a character in certain colors, a water scene, or (a personal favorite) a campfire.

Hard Mode Challenge!
Roulette Triad.

I used a highly scientific method of shooting rubber bands at the wall above my paint racks and seeing where it falls to choose three colors. All three must be used, and only these three (If you have specific colors: Great! if not, reasonable approximations are allowed, please ask if you have a question)
Clear Yellow
Carrot Top Red
Gem Purple

Good luck

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Posted (edited)

May and June


Reaper Bones:

3 x Avatars of Djelibeybi 77338, 77339, 77340

1 x Water Weird 77310

1 x Spirit of the Forest 77184 (*Spirit of Summer bonus challenge)

1 x Large Earth Elemental 77185

1 x Large Fire Elemental 77082

1 x Large Water Elemental 77311



Reaper Metal:

1 x Eye Beast 02712



1 x Tardog Wolfskinner, Ogre Vagabond


3D printed:

1x Axolote Beholder


Shadows of Brimstone:

1 x The Burrower

8 x The Doorways into Darkness

13 x The Scourge Rats & Rat Nest

6 x Bandits

3 x Harvesters from Beyond


Painted so far in May: 36

Painted so far in June: 6


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Posted (edited)

I think A giant anthropomorphic hippo best exemplifies the spirit of summer for me ... for um reasons.. a little help here ? 

painting giant hippo guy is fun.  

i have got it!  because the hippo body type is seen too often on summer beaches.  I considered re-sculpting him to a speedo but didn't want to risk causing SAN loss. 


1 Spring over a log (1 month late) 

2. male barbarian 

3. Wizadress (from DDS2) 

4. Minotaur Hero

5. gnome druidess (icon) 

6. Winter, ranger

7. Yeti (bones 3)

8-9. Savage Hippo Avatar 3

10. Alien Jedi 3 (Whiphid), a yeti conversion 

11. Skeleton Archer 

12. hell-knight, order of scourge  

13-14. Eregris Darkfathom  and Tiik Baron


in progress (revised 6-20)

Mountain Man (KoD)  WIP

Viking 3

PF Iconic Cleric 

77052 Aina, Female Valkyrie



Some of these are not so much "in progress"  as started and then abandoned to my self of shame.

I am having some trouble abandoning things this month. 


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Posted (edited)

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Posted (edited)

May/June Goal: 9


#1: 03240: Olaf, Viking Chieftain

#2 (Projected): 02488 Cave Troll Champion

#3 (Projected): 77005 Ogre Chieftain

#4 (Projected): Wargames Foundry Aztec #1

#5 (Projected): Wargames Foundry Aztec #2

#6: TBD

#7: TBD

#8: TBD

#9: TBD


The school year wraps up very soon, so my grades are all done and I have just a little work left to do for grad school.  My goal is to crank out 2 per week in June and catch up!

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Posted (edited)

1-3: exchange figs


And that was it.  After almost 2 and a half years I hit a dry spell.  The track open, a week in Montreal, too many loved ones in hospitals for various reasons, all took up time and energy. And I seem to have developed some tendinitis in both wrists I should be taking care of, I guess.

Not sure how I'll do over the next 2 months either, but hopefully by September/October I get back in the grove and get caught up on my yearly numbers.


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Posted (edited)

A bit delayed in getting my photos up, so here we go...


1-2. Beastman Champion (Show-Off)

3. Balto the gnome (Show-Off)

4-7. Yuan-Ti (Show-Off)

8-11. Santa's Helpers (Show-Off)

12. Kord (Show-Off)

13-14. Merchant & Henchmen (Show-Off)

15. Giant Spider (Show-Off)

Edited by Jessie
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    • By Maledrakh
      In the third Bones kickstarter, one of the dragons was made available in clear Bones material, in addition to the normal offwhite the Bones usually come in. Naturally, I opted for the clear one.
      Reiterating how to paint translucent minis:
      Clearly, it is nessecary to use paints that in themselves are translucent, such as inks or quickshades to preserve some of the dragon’s own translucency or it will all be for nought!
      From bitter experience I know that the usual opaque paints will *not* work if you want any sort of translucent effect, even if they are thinned considerably. Many acrylic paints such as I use, (e.g. Citadel, Vallejo, Army Painter, Reaper,  Scale 75 etc) will cover in a certain way which obscures the translucency, also when thinned. Some will leave a “chalky” look. This is mostly apparent in pale and whitish paints.
      So anyway:

      The key to painting a transparent mini is first to scrub it in warm, soapy water to remove any mold release residue (silicon, talc or whatever. It is greasy and stops the paint from sticking properly to the mini.) The plastic/resin is in itself also somewhat paint repellent on it’s own, so:
      When dry, undercoat it with clear, (preferably matte) varnish. I use Army Painter Anti Shine Spray for this. (I find all Army Painter sprays (and Vallejo acrylic primers for airbrush) work fine on Bones material, be aware that some brands are to be avoided as they will not cure properly and remain sticky). This lets the paint adhere to the mini just like a normal opaque undercoat.
      Then, knock yourself out with inks or quickshades. Experiment with several layers and different colours, even wet blending as you go. Take care to remove any unwanted pools of paint that might gather. I use a clean, damp brush for this.
      Opaque paints should be kept only for extremely light highlighting and any bits that are to be opqaque, such as the base, or for effects such as making eyes pop.
      I used Army Painter Soft Tone quickshade ink (the water based stuff that comes in a dropperbottle, not the horrendous and smelly dip that goes by the same name). In additon I used Army Painter Green quickshade, with claws and eyesockets in Red quickshade. Eyeballs were done in old Citadel Golden Yellow, and the entire body was given an extremely light drybrush with  Reaper Dirty Bone on a broad brush. The teeth were picked out in the same dirty bone.
      The bedrock was glued down to one of my custom oval 3Dprinted bases, and painted in opaques in the same way as I do most rock these days: Dark green/grey over black, heavy drybrush in sandy yellow followed by a lighter drybrush with off white.
      Some tufts, thinned pva glue and my magic flock /scatter mix later, voila.
      I kept the dragon and the base as two seperate parts when painting to avoid slopping the wrong kind of paint where it was not meant to go. I even remembered to paint the plugs on the underside of the feet that were to be in contact with the base to avoid ugly bright patches there.

      I opted for a relatively heavy stain.
      To make the colour less colouring. thin the quickshade with preferably acrylic medium, or water. This needs a bit more shepherding and brushwork up until the ink starts to dry enough to stay still, to avoid an uneven result.
      Kyphrixis (clear variant)
      Reaper Bones KS3
      Translucent bones
      125mm x 90mm oval base
    • By Maledrakh
      The Thing. Last seen on an Antarctic research station…At least that is what this makes me think of.
      So naturally, I painted it in fleshy tones to make is as horrid as can be.


      Strange plant life around here… Now, start rolling those Sanity Checks.
      77521 Gravewailer
      Reaper miniatures Bones 3 KS Mythos Expansion
      Rigid PVC / Bonesium
      40mm base
    • By Maledrakh
      From the Bones 3: Mythos expansion comes the “Camel w/ Pack”.
      Luckily, the pack-part is loose and fits quite snugly so it is not nessecary to glue it on.


      This turned out to be a really good thing, as I left the pack on it and went on a few days’ trip. When I came back, the camel was listing heavily to it’s right side. I pulled them straight again, too bad I forgot to take a picture.

      still listing...
      Herein lies one of the problems with the bones material, especially when the legs or other supporting bits are thinnish. They sometimes cannot support the weight causing the mini to droop earthwards.
      The legs are fine for just the camel, but they could not support the weight of the pack as well, and bent over time. I have experienced that almost all dragons and larger models need a third contact point in addition to the legs, or some reinforcement with metal rods to avoid drooping.

      It could have been a wild camel if not for the bridle.

      ..and the pack.
      80075 Camel w/ pack
      Reaper miniatures Bones 3 KS Mythos Expansion
      Rigid PVC / Bonesium
      3D printed 60x35mm oval base
    • By Maledrakh
      A pair of big cats from the second Bones Kickstarter campaign Expansion set #1. That expansion was a seemingly random collection of different minis, these were the only “natural” creatures it it.

      The camera washes out the colours even though I have reduced the wossitsname that makes it less washed out as much as possible.


      I think the female turned out better. There is something wonky about the face of the male.
      They are based on my 50x25mm 3D printed oval bases. I put the stl on thingiverse where it can be downloaded for free.
      and now I have a hankering for *that* candy bar. You know which one.
    • By Maledrakh
      These are Wererats, not Skaven at all:

      Being Bones, they are slightly soft in the details, especially the smaller ones. They are made of the slightly more rigid Bones material that most of the second kickstarter Bones were done in, and as such the thinner bits like blades and tails are still flexible, but not rubbery or so bendy as to droop under their own weight as has been known to happen to some Bones in extreme poses or with only the legs supporting heavy bodies, similar to the poses of these minis.
      However, these are all rigid enough not to have any such problems. So that is a win in my book.
      77292: Giant Wererat:

      Erring on the side of caution with the backside picture, due to the ...huevos on display
      The Rat Ogre (still can’t bring myself to call it a “Rat Ogor”) certainly has got a pair.
      40mm base
      77293: Wererat Berserker

      30mm base
      77294: Wererat Stalker
      30mm base
      77295: Wererat Assassin

      30mm base
      These are all sculpted by Jason Wiebe according to the reaper store.
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