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Generic Fighter

June 2017 Hobby Goals of DOOM!

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On 5/31/2017 at 9:20 PM, Generic Fighter said:

So, I like being the one to start these things, so getting it out early! My goals for the month...


--Finish either of my Huge D&D Minis for GenCon, The Trihorn Behemoth or Fire Giantess with Hammer.

--Make more progress on the Mini-Minions for the Max's Minions Podcast.

--Finish up the Half-Orc Monk from Stonehaven.

--Enjoy the Bones III when they arrive!


So, What are YOU going to do this Month???



So, Updates...


--Fire Giantess is nearly done! Also, made quite a bit of progress on several other mini fore GenCon 50, too.

--Finished Dogg III. Stasi Xen has been Modded with Bones 3 Weapons!

--Half-Orc Monk is done apart from sealing.

--Bones 3 is cool. Wish I got more of the Weapon sets in other colors. I only got Clear, Green and Red. and the standard ones too, of course.



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Feeling kind of grumpy because I didn't get to do anything miniature related all weekend other than read some of the new rulebook in small increments.  I did engage in some 1:1 scale terrain building as I had to repair a fence that rolled a critical fail vs straight line winds.


Speaking of which, anyone have an idea how much reclaimed lumber goes for?

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I realize now that there is an error in my initial post for the month. It was supposed to be 5 not 4 fire giants. I did the first 2 and I do hope to finish the last 3 before the end of the month. They're mostly done, just have a few things on each to do left since. The PC minis probably aren't going to get touched until next month. 

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New goal for me. I have 2 minis very closed to finished that I want to do in the next 2 days. Overall I'm a very happy guy when it comes to minis right now. This has definitely been one of if not the best month I've had for painting. Did some from the shelf of shame with it's partially painted minis and did some new ones. A not so short summary of June 2017.



Pathfinder red dragon

giant scorpion

desert hydra


Painted and based

Bones 3 female cultist - new

Danar the assassin - so many years on the shelf of shame he was fuzzy.

Roman hero - new

Bones chimera - new

Bones swamp hydra (my name for him) - new

Bones goblin shaman - new

Bones goblin champion - new

Bones giant scorpion - new

2 roman cavalry - undercoated for years only 8 more to go

scratch built pond - new


Remaining partially painted

Sisters of Sigmar matriach  - half painted and in a box for about 10 years owned for maybe 20. Working on her right now with a few details left to go.

Sisters of Sigmar sister - same as above

Bones frost wyrm - started painting years ago but couldn't get the effect I liked and stalled

Dungeon Saga Karrathor, the tyrant of Halpi - started a week ago but don't like what I did. Awaiting new paints.

Dungeon Saga zombie troll - started last year but same as above.

2 GW high elf heroes - started so long ago I don't remember when. Need to just sit down and finish.

Frost grave enchanter and apprentice - started last year and dabbled with from time to time.

2 russian bowmen - new. I'm using these guys as paint catchers. Whenever I have some paint left on the pallette that might work on them they get painted.


Some of these I've already posted photos of and a bunch more I just took photos of and will post later.

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Painted this month

4 bones 3 orcs

Bones 3 Oni

Boned 3 donkey

Bones 3 bear man

Bones 3 coffin

5 bones 3 mythos cultists

2 bones 2 stone coffins

Bones 3 walking graveyard

3 bones crusaders

Bones 3 rogue

Bones 3 invisible rogue

Bones 3 invisible fighter

Bones 3 Dorothy

Mr and Mrs bones

Bones 3 bird wizard

4 bones 3 blackstar corsairs

Bones 3 monument

Bones 3 arch as eluvian

Bones 3 wolf

4 infinity reverend moria

Infinity reverend healer

Myth swashbuckler


Not even going to list the pile of stuff started but not finished


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Thirteen human-sized figures and a sabertooth tiger finished this month / season / year. Feels good.

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On 5/31/2017 at 11:22 PM, Evilhalfling said:

June Goals: 

finish Kingdom of Death mountain man. 

finish the 3 bones3 guys I am working on. 

watch and use the teaching DVDs - shading, highlighting and fur. 


On 5/31/2017 at 11:22 PM, Evilhalfling said:

+added Goal: paint 3 figures from Bones2 Core - each month until set is complete.



(3) Bones 3: yeti, converted Yeti, Hippo King 

(4) Bones 2: skeleton, hellknight, fish priest, Tiik Baron 

(0) Kingdom of Death : 

Videos: Intro and shading. sections. 

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On 6/1/2017 at 8:53 AM, Sergeant_Crunch said:

Primary goal is to finish assembling the remaining GW Ork models (8 Boyz, 5 Nobz, and a Warboss) and applying putty to the models that need it.  Secondary goal is to finish the test model for the Space Marines.  Tertiary goal is to bust out the airbrush and at least get the Space Marines base coated.  This will probably get sidetracked with the release of the new version as I may end up just getting the new starter.

I assembled 22 figures this month.  Didn't get the gaps filled on models that need it.  I started the test figure, but as predicted that went to the wayside when the new box came in. I did not start mass painting.  I did however acquire new tools for assembly, a new primer to use, and some cheap brushes for drybrushing.

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On 6/15/2017 at 9:37 AM, David Brawley said:

1/2 orc finished

Elf ranger finished

Gnoll and orc in progress (plus bonus gnoll warrior)

Elf wizards in progress

Werebat from Bones 3 about 75% done

Haven't dug out Roman centurion yet.


Decent progress!!

Finished the gnolls and orc. 5 figures done for the month. Eh.... Must do better... 

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My July painting goal is simple: 10 Ral Partha and 6 Grenadier zombies.  They are primed, but it may be a couple of weeks before they see any real paint.


Ooops.  Wrong topic.  ^


My June goals were even smaller: paint something.  Anything.  Did.  2 Bones minis, Mr. Bones and the Well of Chaos.  Sounds like a movie title, doesn't it?


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