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I'm putting together a monstrous warband for frostgrave and I did a quick paint of these three bones today.


77148: Damien the hell born wizard as my apprentice


77036: medusa as an archer


77198:  barrow rat as a war hound.  This last was a super quick paint as I finished the other two.


Dressed the gorgon/medusa with knife and paint, so she's Sfw.  Still, I'll spoilerize the pics:










i want to include the horned hunter I did as well in this warband.  Still not decided what to use as my wizard and other band mates. I want to try to keep an even gender ratio, but there are very few monstrous women and the few that are out there have a hard time keeping their clothes on.  



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Id the bones
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nice job


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It looks like the warband is shaping up nicely!  Nifty idea to use the big barrow rat as a warhound.

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Looks good.  I'm using Damien as my wizard for Frostgrave right now.  I hope your brings you as much luck as mine has (so far).

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19 hours ago, pcktlnt said:


I am mostly using bones from previous kickstarters since I have them already.  My "wizard" might be metal though.  


I haven't played with a captain yet.  Would need to review the rules for that.  I've only used the core book for this warband though I think this warband has a beast-crafter feel to it.


I got two more members painted tonight so I'll add them here rather than make another thread.


77118 Tiviel hell born rogue makes an acceptable thief.


and another barrow rat in case I need multiple war hounds.







group up shot of the warband so far.





Just need to do the wizard and a couple more members.  This could be a good excuse to paint up a beastman warrior and maybe try to put together a cultist from a sprue of plastic parts.  


Or maybe...  I have a troll slayer Sophie that might fit in with this rag tag bunch.


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I went with the Sophie.  She could make a good captain, but I'll probably just use her as an infantryman.


before gluing down the sword


After gluing down the sword






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Started on my first full frostgrave cultist built from parts from the cultist sprue.  It is to be a thief for my monstrous warband.  Even though the skull face is just a mask, I chose one arm to be skeletal to keep it inhuman.  Not done painting yet, but got a bit of a start after the glue dried.






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