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Goemon - Ninja All Stars - Sodapop Mini

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This is my work so far on Goemon from the Ninja All Stars line of Sodapop miniatures.  He is mostly done, but will need basing and to be sealed.  



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    • By odinsgrandson
      I'm a big fan of JRPGs, and one of the things that I started doing right after I started painting up chibi miniatures was convert them to match some of my favorite characters.
      Here is a party of Light Warriors from the very first Final Fantasy game.  Only the White Mage has been converted- for each of the others, there was a Super Dungeon mini that just worked for it.
      I intend to finish out the set with the last two classes.  The Black Mage mini is part of the Super Dungeon Legends kickstarter, while the Red Mage will have to be converted.

      It is undisputed that you need a fighter in the front rank.

      Black Belt is pretty useful- especially if you want to save some of the money you'd normally spend equipping a character.

      I based them on the original colors from the Nes Final Fantasy.  It really shows up with Thief here, who underwent an extreme makeover for the remakes.

      And here's White Mage in all her iconic glory.  I really had to consider whether I was giving her a staff or hammer.
    • By Mutilatedlips
      This was modified with the Pathfinder Ezren's staff after I severely failed at modeling my own staff.  My friend did not like the candelabra he was originally holding. I don't do too many mods, still came out pretty good. 

    • By Mutilatedlips
      Another asian style mini for my friends campaign to the far east.

    • By Mutilatedlips
      I really need to figure out how to attach parts with little surface area better. Those wrists are so delicate and I am sure difficult to game with without breaking. 


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