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Shipwreck golem bones 3

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Yeah they look great together and super easy to use

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Gadget man if you want really easy rust pick up a bottle of typhus corrosion and ryza rust, both citadel technical paints, very easy to use and a good effect

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Looks awesome!  I've been prioritizing getting mine painted up as well, since I'm running an Iron Kingdoms "high seas" campaign (hence all the more likely that I'll find a USE for such a thing), but a big problem for me has been trying to settle on what to paint all that "gunk" that seems to be acting as filler in between the identifiable pieces.  Is it chunks of coral?  Clumps of seaweed?  Mounds of dirt?  I'm really not sure.  Anyway, the brilliant greens and purples you've gone with, though I'm not EXACTLY sure what they represent, are most certainly eye-catching.  :)  I really love the look you're getting with the wood and rope sections.

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Thanks tiny, Jordan I am pretty sure it's coral sir

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Highlighted the green and purple coral still kinda hard to see here.





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Ok almost complete just. Little bit of highlighting left











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Hmmm things I may not of mentioned, there are 2 bottles of hooch embedded in the coral one next to the mermaids hair and one on the back. There is a piece of parchment attatched to the back next to the tiki face and there ate stamps holding the skeletons hands down.  To be honest MR/MRS/MS Lint there is so much detail on this it's easy to forget what has been seen

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