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Summoning Circle and Conjured Face

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That sir is really cool

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What a cool and unique model. The OSL looks great, at least from the angles you show here - it looks like glossy specular reflections from the metal of the cauldron.

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2 hours ago, Dr_Automaton said:

Nice blast from the past!  I haven't seen that mini in years (I can't even remember what happened to my old set).


I have a dream that in 20-30 years time, we're all able to get similar responses when we're finishing up the last of our Bones 3 minis. 

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It's weird to see minis up here that are older than me sometimes xD really cool but also a bit sad. I never had the chance to get my hands on them! Love your colour scheme and the OSL seems extremely realistic! 

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It looks fantastic - I love that eerie blue & the reflected light at the base of the cauldron.


I have this set (purchased many many moons ago!) & can confirm that the cauldron & circle do indeed belong together - here's the box art:




& the insert showing the contents:





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