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A little while ago a work colleague turned up with a kitten.  At first had to ban her from the study with my minis, etc.  But thankfully Pikelet is now much better behaved and will happily sit on my shoulder or next to me on the chair and watch me paint.  Seems enthralled by me painting.  Which is kind of cool.   Only occasionally have to stop her from coming onto table.  Found these pics on my phone I took to post on Facebook for the guys in my gaming group. 


Oh yes occasionally she likes to sit on my head near the lamp now it is getting cold in Goulburn as it is warm.

Painting Cat.png

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Since she's still young, maybe get her a playmate? Of about the same age?


i have found having two does help with the "why aren't you paying attention to me" jealousy. 

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Yeah, you can replace that with the 'why are paying attention to the other one' jealousy!::P:


Very cute!

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Be careful with any winged minis around her. Some cats think anything with wings is food.

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Very cute.  Enjoy the company while she's small - you'll find that cats will get into everything they shouldn't once they get too big to sit on your shoulder.  I've got six, and they have the run of the house - except for my workshop.


The Egg

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I've never seen a mi-ke wear a tuxedo before.


@Thes Hunter - Contrary to popular belief, it's entirely possible to walk a cat on a leash - the standard joke being that his name is Whiskers and he lives in Peoria.  The Carpet Otter thought it was fabulous (it also curbed her tendency to streak out the door), The Little Wildcat considers it just short of lethal provocation.  In practice it's sort of a Yakov Smirnoff joke, since it's really just attaching a tether and following the cat around.

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Yeah, I thought of trying to train the kitties on the leash when they were kittens. I didn't have the support of the husband. But yeah with a clicker, and enough treats I'm sure I could have. Now they are adults I doubt I'd be as successful. 

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