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Mayahuel, sorceress of thunder

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The figure is very nice


I would have painted the spell effects as vines curling and obeying her commands   .... they just don't have the shape for lightning.

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The skin, headdress, and the freehand on the cloth are all superb! The spell effect doesn't really stand up to the rest of the piece though. Compared to all the colorful parts it just looks unfinished.

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I really struggled with the spell effect part. It went through 3 different color changes and none of them looked good. I know it looks white on the screen, but in person there is more subtle blue and purple colors to it. 



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Spell effect looks almost like mist or clouds, now. I like the figure. ^_^


I really struggle with minis where parts are hard to define what it is: mist, smoke, flame, etc... makes it hard to come up with a correct color and lighting scheme that looks correct.

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She looks fantastic, especially her headdress!

You really knocked it out of the park with that.

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