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14564: Kosumi, Frostfang Huntress

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Thanks for the beautiful mini, SGHawkins09.  I especially love how smooth the blends on the skin and cloth are.

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12 hours ago, Taskmaster99 said:

Love the colors and the base.


11 hours ago, tiniest rhombus said:



9 hours ago, Baldur8762 said:

Looks fantastic!  Love the contrasting purple/brown and the basing is stellar






1 hour ago, fanguad said:

Thanks for the beautiful mini, SGHawkins09.  I especially love how smooth the blends on the skin and cloth are.



You are very welcome! When I saw you wanted Koborlas minis, I knew I had to paint her for you.

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Fantastic work on her! Everything, including the basing, is pretty darn cool.:winkthumbs:

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It may be a simple paint job, but it's beautifully done.  The purples echoed in the flowers on the base are a fine touch.

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    • By Cyradis
      I used this figure for CMPA's Adventurer Challenge, and practicing chilling out on a figure instead of going detail crazy. Naturally that meant I had to try something new on it anyway. 
      New: I put a lot of effort into her hair, and actually used it as practice for the hair on my ranger to get better hair methodology down.
      New: I also took a stab at NMM on armor, with mixed success. Not 100% happy, but it didn't get as much effort as the hair, and I wasn't going for perfection on that part. Same with the sword, not 100% happy, but decided to be satisfied until I try another figure.
      Because I couldn't resist: I decided the boots were bland, so I freehanded gladiola flowers onto her boot. Then her bra and her dagger needed flowers too. Her name is now Gladys, because she likes said flowers. 
      The minimal effort: Skin tones. I went for a pretty basic set, didn't go crazy on this part, but for a "good enough". 

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      It's hard to figure out some of the details on the Bones version, but I think I did ok. 

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      You are looking for a female leader for your orc army, or just a cool miniature to paint ? 
      Well, this is my first kickstarter, so don't be afraid if the layout is pretty basic, you will not find supershinywords or coolfantasybackground, it's not my style... What you see is what you get !
      Few words about me. Miniatures sculptor for nearly 20 years, I've worked for a lot of famous companies like Rackham, PrivateerPress, Mierce, and many others...  Today I want to create my own range, to explore my favorite themes in fantasy. 
      All the minis are cast in resin by a skilled craftsman, here in France, no Chinese plastic here.
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