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Loim. Real name Michael.


Member since sometime in 2009. Been painting off and on since then. I paint very slowly. 


I started gaming in '90 or '91. Group broke up in college, and I've had sporadic games off an on since then. Started with a mix of 1e/2e, and now I mostly use LL because it's simple. 


I lurk more than I post these days, for various reasons. I occasionally jump into the Forum hangouts, though more often I host my own hangout where we paint and chat, though I sometimes draw or sculpt instead of painting. 


I work in IT, and have done so for the last dozen years. 


I know quite a few of the long timers from the previous ReaperCons I've attended, though the date change precludes me from attending now. 

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I am who my user name and profile say I am*.


I'm a technical writer and professional photographer working for a major multi-national corporation with a very strong presence in home decor.


I've been a roleplayer since 1976 and an adventure gamer longer than that. I was a highly ranked DBM (ancients and medievals) player at one time, took third place in the first GenCon Magic tournament, have played boardgames of every description for decades, ... if it's adventure gaming, I've probably done it or something very like it. I used to be the editor of Games Quarterly Catalog, Hobbies Quarterly Catalog, and Games Annual Magazine, but that's been years now.


I've been painting since the late '70s (the group where I started playing D&D was originally a historical miniatures group), and still have some of the figures I bought then unpainted. This habit has not changed over time; I have far more unpainted figures than I will ever paint. At this point, I don't even much worry about that.


I've taught painting classes at Genghis Con and Tacticon here in Denver, and have former students who are now far better painters than I am. I count that as a win.


And I've been a member here since very early 2008 with varying levels of activity.


* It helps me to avoid the temptation of full-on snark to know that what I say here is attributable. The other side of that is that I'm about as willing to say something to your face as on the interwebs. I've been told by online friends that I'm pretty much the same in person as online .. for good or ill. ^_^

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Rahz here, also knows across the wild, wide Interwebs as Murmullo (MMOs) and Keith. 


I've been around the forums for about 5 years with the more recent year seeing much more participation and less skulking around.  My uncle tried to introduce me to mini painting back when I was in my early teens (maybe earlier) with some lead figures he used for gaming.  My brother and I were just delving into choose your own adventure books and early D&D.  Sadly, I decided that I could never paint anything so small.  In my late teens, a good friend tried to get me to paint miniatures and once again I professed being incapable.  It wasn't until I started working in a comic and gaming store after moving back to Canada after highschool (after dropping out of university...) that I picked up some warhammer figures...  and the rest is history...  I've been playing games (D&D, Numenara, Rifts, Shadowrun, Magic the Gathering, L5R, MMORPGs and many, many board games) with mostly the same group since that time with a couple of then-customers, the guy from the arcade across the hall and a couple other assorted folks who have come and gone from the group over the years.  I am also a recovering MMO addict which didn't help my painting time much...  I actually got into Bones 1 KS because we had been looking for a source of figures for my son (then 4-5) that were not too expensive.  While I still poke at warhammer armies, more and more of my painting has been larger Bones minis and busts and different pieces from the ever growing number of small mini-makers out there. 


When I'm not playing with little toys or playing on the computer (no much anymore), rock climbing is my go-to pass-time.  NOTE: trying to paint after rock climbing is NOT a good idea... 


As for myself, I grew up a dip-brat, that is the child of diplomats who spent most of their lives running around the planet with their growing brood (4) in tow.  We were each hatched in different countries, most on different continents leading to a very interesting childhood.  I have a wonderful wife and 2 kids that are a little too much like dad (temper, desire to collect tons of little plastic men...).  To fund all the lovely miniatures, I work for the government department that sent my parents around the world for 40 years which also happens to be where I met my wife.  I was a business analyst for several years but recently moved to our client relationship group (IT) where I get so say "No" to a lot of people which can be very fun some days and very frustrating others. 



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Hello, I'm LittleBluberry.  


I started painting minis as part of playing D&D back in university, the friend who got me started was a fan of Testors enamel so that's what I started out with.  I tended to paint in little bursts, whenever we had a new PC that needed a mini.  So not that often, really.  


I was lucky enough to hear about Bones 1, and having that many cheap miniatures definitely fueled more painting.  The Reaper forums are friendly enough that I eventually gave up lurking and started participating, although I could post more pictures of stuff I've actually painted.  


Many years ago I used to write financial software, but now we have 5 kids and my darling husband works some pretty long hours at a big tech company.  So I switched over to being a stay-at-home parent in the interests of no one losing their minds.  It's not quite as crazy as it sounds, since the span between our oldest and youngest is about 18 years, but it still keeps me pretty busy.  I tend to be more 'crafty' than 'arty', but I'm working on nurturing my art side.  

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