2017 Summer Exchange

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17 hours ago, Inarah said:

Is it too early to talk about the winter exchange?  I'm wondering if it will start early enough to shop at Reapercon, like last year. 




Right now I would think we should be able to get it started before ReaperCon. The Summer Exchange ends on 9/26 which gives us just under a month to wrangle any stragglers and get everything ready for Secret Sophie. We had a small group for this exchange so I do not expect to many stragglers. 


8 hours ago, Cyradis said:

I haven't done a mini exchange before. About how much time is usually given to paint for the event? Semester starting is going to make timing more sporadic, but I would like to participate in some of these in the near future. 


We are aiming for about three months for the exchanges. The next one scheduled is Secret Sophie which should start in October and end in January. It is a combination of a exchange and Secret Santa, you can find more information on it here:


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Got my minis from @robinh yesterday. 1 lovely lady and a few bonus minis. Thank you. I'll post a photo when I get a chance.

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Clear coated mine last night.. should go out in the next couple days


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