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Reaper made it onto the F1 coverage from Montreal

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Without a Sir Forscale in the picture, I can't tell how big anything is.

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5 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

Without a Sir Forscale in the picture, I can't tell how big anything is.

Now I want one painted like Where's Waldo...

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8 minutes ago, Talae said:

Now I want one painted like Where's Waldo...


...Y... you.... no, don't say th...Dammit... <adds it to the project list> :grr:


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Are you saying Forscale should be our own Travelling Gnome?


Sir Forscale has ventured through Heaven and Hell!


But has he been to Disney Land?


[Urge to replace Forscale's sword with a selfie-stick... rising.]

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    • By Ash Adler
      A couple of early holiday presents for a couple of good friends.  Up first, Queen Ileosa of Korvosa, in fairly traditional holiday colors:

      My apologies to any Persians who I might've offended with the poor freehand rendition of the flag on the fan.  That's the best that I managed to do it.
      Also, if you notice some little bits of red on the base under her dress, that's because I'd tried to go with kind of a red carpet look at first, before deciding that it was bad and just doing a sort of snowy base would look much better.
      And Baba Yaga, in a somewhat dingier take on the color scheme:

      Gah, this mini was horrible to work with.  There was so much flash on the left hand that I thought giving her gloves would look more sensible than melting flesh, and I had to cut off most of the bar under the feet because it was too misshapen to fit into the base slot as it was (and even after that, she looks very off-balance).  Then I had a mishap while gluing on the arm and ended up spilling superglue all down the back of it, but fortunately, that dried transparently enough that it only needed some minor touch-ups (plus some matte varnish to kill the shine, but I was going to do that all over it anyway).
      No blog link this time, since I felt like dissecting the process of making them as I usually do wouldn't be appropriate for minis that I was painting as gifts.  C&C on the end results is welcome, though .  The recipients both loved them, so feel free to be extra harsh to balance it out
      Oh, and sorry for the reflective glare in most of the photos.  I'm still trying to work out the picture set-up.
    • By Maglok
      A friend of mine asked me to paint his Karzoug for:

      So I have been going at it. While I have already done quite a bit, I still figured lets make it a WIP.
      Session 1
      Session 2
      Session 3
      I am not quite happy with a lot of details yet, but he is starting to smell like 'high level wizard'. :)
    • By Guildenstern
      Finally finished my Kraken Diorama. Tough time lighting it sadly, to where it didn't glare >< but it came out pretty and it's done so I'm happy =)
      Only way I would have really liked to make it better is to be able to put it in resin but that'd be a bit much lol
      Most of my WIP is in my WIP thread, except that last stage where I added background panels (supposed to look like the sea under water, I'm not an artist lol)

      I was hoping to put more fish in but it started getting a little busier than I liked, and plus it was quite hard to show details on all the fish as well as the Kraken so I just put enough in for interest.
      Anyway, hope you like it =)

    • By Kuche
      Hi guys, i know i havent post or comment anything the las few months. I just had lot of work, but finally got free time to finish my vanja :), some have seen her wip, but she os finally done, hope you guys like her.  

      Sorry about the quality of the photos 
    • By Chris Palmer
         Even though I got these during last year's 12 Days of Reaper, I only just got around to painting them! 
          I tried an experiment with these; painting them first with special Chrome spray paint, and then using Citadel gemstone transparent paints on them: Spiritstone Red, Soulstone Blue, and Waystone Green, in an attempt to given them that lacquered mirror look that real ornaments have.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
         In the second photo, they are shown with Copplestone's "Lovely Assistant" to give a sense of scale with a normal sized human figure.

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