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Pingo paints 62102: Numenera: Jack as an Alchemical for "Exalted"

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One of our players is playing an Adamant Caste Alchemical in a game of Exalted (2nd ed., heavily modded).  Info about them is semi-classified by the GM, but they seem to be sort of crystalline with interchangeable parts, a little like cyborgs.  The Numenera Jack with the crossbow (or pickaxe?) arm seemed a decent fit, as the character is supposed to be somewhat androgynous.


Here is the figure mounted on a fender washer for stability, primed white and washed with Burnt Umber.





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I painted her skin a soft turquoise blue mixed from Phthalo Blue, Hansa Yellow, and Titanium White.  Normally I finish the skin before doing further layers but I didn't this time.  The blue is a bit of a placeholder until later.






I mixed a dull greenish from some Yellow Ochre and a touch of Carbon Black and slopped it on her base.


I mixed a violet from Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta and lightened it with Titanium White to paint her hair, which is supposed to look a little crystalline.






I added more layers to the hair.





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I have a feeling that The Girl is going to be a WONDERFULLY bizarre creation. Have FUN with her.

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25 minutes ago, malefactus said:

I have a feeling that The Girl is going to be a WONDERFULLY bizarre creation. Have FUN with her.


Thank you.  She's a weirdie.

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I mixed a soft mauve from Red Iron Oxide and Ultramarine Blue with Titanium White and painted her bodice.  Normally this combination looks terribly dull, but it seems to work here.






I worked it up with lights mixed with more Titanium White, and used it (roughly) on her boots too.






I put some glowy yellow on her base.  This is just Yellow Ochre mixed with a lot of Titanium White in thin washy blobs.






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Looking back at the image in the store after painting this next bit, I think I was subconsciously influenced by Martin Jones' color choices.


Well, okay, so this is my take on them.


I painted her scarves and her inner leggings, the part with diagonal quilting, red.  This is straight Red Iron Oxide; any shading is the Burnt Umber showing through.






And then I painted her bolero jacket, outer leggings, the part with the ribbed quilting, and cap dead black (Yup.  Totally influenced by Martin Jones' paint job.).








Shaded her leggings and scarves with some transparent violet mixed from (if memory serves) Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta.








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I painted light gold stripes along her leggings and the edges of her cap using a primrose mixed from Titanium White, Hansa Yellow Light, and a touch of Yellow Ochre.






I finally painted her face and skin.  This is backwards to my normal method, where that would be painted first.  This skin color is a mix of Ultramarine Blue, Phthalocyanine Green, and Titanium White.  I also painted her crossbow and / or pickaxe.






I painted her belts and straps a layered blue, starting with a medium blue mixed from Phthalo Blue and Burnt Umber and a little Titanium White, adding Ultramarine Blue and more Titanium White to lighten it as I layered.


I'm also building up blue reflected light on her scarves and arm and side and base.










Edited by Pingo
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More blue lights built up with various mixes of Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, less and less Burnt Umber, and Titanium White.










A little more purple on the boots and I think she might be done.





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