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1 hour ago, Xherman1964 said:



I like the vibrant colours!


Thanks, X. I am glad you like them. I believe a fondness for flashy colors is part of Old Age...it is one of the better parts of Old Age.

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    • By malefactus
      After a prolonged time in The Vault of Pack Rattiness & some time getting attention, I finished the non-mechanical group of Lead Adventure Miniatures I had swapped for with a T.B.M.Fer (Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum that is).
      Here is The Old Knight & His Followers on High Road to Adventure through The Mushroom Forest:




      ...with a couple view of the board itself:

      There you have them...so there.
    • By malefactus
      These are the second batch of minis for the Blessed Order of the Gooey Death. The first I just realized were only posted in my Last Hurrah Thread & the W.I.P Section. Be that as it may here's Part II preceding Part I...rather like the Star Wars Series with less special effects:
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      The Bruegelburg Mercenaries from Lead Adventure Miniatures:











      White Knight's Pistoleer & the Morale Officer with Marching Band:










      ...there; should any of you be interested I could post the first part as a separate thread...or not.
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