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On 4/2/2018 at 11:39 PM, Morihalda said:

I also plan on making a couple busts of my other dark elves. I'll probably start with my boys Teldryn and Sarthis. They will be in a static pose (gasp!) so I can learn great anatomy.


HAHAHAH yeah that didn't work. I kept making more and more plans for them until I made myself stop.


I took a true break for a few weeks, playing with watercolor pencils and not trying to learn something else in a different art subject. Art is fun again, whoo!


I only have Damaris/Maeryn's hand and pistol left to resculpt, and then I'll be moving on to practicing heads and prepping for my ReaperCon entry! ::D: 


I know what my entry is going to be, I just need to solidify the general poses before I post and get started.

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Sculpt all the things, fren!

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I didn't quite think out my Damaris conversion WIP posts.... I have sculpting and painting all in one thread.

I've finished the conversion part, which are these particular posts in the thread I linked above.

1 - The floor and lantern

2 - Her hat (feathers not shown)

3 - Pistol base and hand

4 - Completed pistol


Next sculpting things to learn: teenagers and fluffy puppies! :wub: 

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    • By Morihalda
      Hello friends! It's good to see you all again! My energy levels have been slowly ramping up over the last month, so now I'm excited to spend a bunch of it here with forum friends.  
      My husband and I played D&D again with @Rainbow Sculptor and her family over the weekend and had a great time. While we were playing, they brought out this mini - she was gorgeous and I had completely forgotten that I had her too! I believe Damaris was 2017's Duskwarden mini.
      Bobby Jackson already made her both fierce and a babe, so now I just gotta make her a pirate!
      My list:
      Add a very fine pirate hat Change her crossbow to a flintlock pistol Change the stone ground to wooden planks Hopefully carve down the quiver on her hip so I can make it a tankard.
      I'm actually pretty hesitant about the pirate hat because it would hide the hair - and hair that awesome is a sculpting goal. Seriously. Look at that tiny braid and all the locks of hair.

      But my girl Maria spent a lot of money on a very fine hat after she ran away to become a pirate. So on goes the hat.
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      Hello art family! Y'all might remember my 2016 thread, where I focused on making a habit of drawing every day. 2017 was wild and I decided against a thread here, but I have continued that art streak through this year with a slight change - painting and sculpting was allowed to sustain that miniatures habit.  
      I'm getting a bit of a headstart with my 2018 thread! I'd love to learn some fancy traditional art school basics, and I think a lot of these things transfer over to most any type of art, like mini painting and sculpting.
      I see lots of friends here talking about color, lighting, and MORE CONTRAST, and I think we should check those cool things out!
      When I start a new subject, I will list (but not link) books, websites, or other references so you can follow along if you'd like.  
      Mori's Learning List!
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      2. Proportions - The Head 
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      I've had a chunk of antler sitting in my drawer of basing materials for years, waiting for the right figure to use it on.  I recently acquired the Bombshell Miniature Morihalda bust, and inspiration stuck!  The antler was cut at a weird angle but I was able to use a hacksaw and a miter box to square off the top.  I have the dilemma of trying to figure out a) the right orientation of the bust to the base, and b) if I want to fare in the bust pedestal to the antler using green stuff.  I plan on putting a couple of pins in her base, and then matching sockets in the antler.  I figure I can blank off the top of the antler with shrink wrap and then do the sculpting work (if I choose to pursue that) which would enable me to separate them again for priming/painting purposes.  Anyway, I've come to you brave forumites for advice!  I've got four pictures attached showing the four possible orientations of the bust/antler.  Let me know which one you think is the most appealing choice!  I'm partial to #3 myself, but my wife likes #4.

    • By Morihalda
      Whoo! Time to paint for ReaperCon! RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH

      I don't paint very often, and now that I'm entering a competition, it's painfully obvious that I don't know any techniques past basic color blocking and washing in shadows.
      I need to try a whole bunch of new things. So! Let's learn:
      - Dark elf skin (I want purple dark elves, to be specific)
      - Soft, gray leather
      - Wild hair color blending
      - Fire
      - OSL from the fire!
      First, dark elf skin. I found the first page of @Corporea's Drow bust very helpful - her initial attempt was much too purple for her needs, but super close to how purple I want mine to be! I've also gathered my own mess of colors to test out fun things!  

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