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This is one side that shows where the skirt broke off, and there are two more broken bits on the other side. I guess this is part of why sculptors smoosh all their stuff together? And for casting purposes?


I'm happy I sculpted the leg properly before adding clothing, it doesn't look awful this way right now. :lol:


Ignore my purple nails, I was touching up my hair dye and forgot to put my gloves back on while I was washing the tools. >_>


Oh! Does her arm look too skinny to you? It looks fine from the front, but when I turned it to the side it was SO TINY hahaha. I need to get better at always rotating my sculpt while I work. I added more clay to it, but I've been looking at it for so long I can't tell anymore....





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And we're rushing and rushing 'cause we only have a week to make a mini from scratch!


She's got a face now. That took about 3 hours. And then I remembered that she was getting sunglasses so all that work on her (pretty awful) eyes would be hidden. I'd like to make a little curved tool for eyes. I only have straight tools.


That weird indentation on the side of her face under her sunglasses got fixed after this photo. There are many, many things I'd like to fix. I fixed her broken skirts and they are way less cool than the first time around. I'd love to smooth out basically the entire mini. But that takes more time than what I have!


I used a photo of a model from Sudan for my reference, so she's got a rounder face, fuller lips, and a wider nose than is typical on most minis.https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/265667016927477770/483124794884227072/pixlr_20180825230503434.jpg

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It's been a long day so I'm just copy/pasting my FB stuff for this post -


There's a reason it's not a close up... I'm speed painting. Tomorrow I'll spend a few minutes on touch ups and basing, and then I'll be dooooone.

I'm kind of torn between entering it or not now. I've used all the energy I can spare this week making her, but there's so much of it I know I could make better if I had the time to redo it. It feels like I'm letting y'all and myself down by entering something so rushed. :<

(In response to another in the FB comments - I only wanted to enter for feedback. It feels silly getting feedback from something I know I've rushed, not smoothed out, and done poorly.)

On the other hand, now I know I can sculpt and paint a mini in 15 hours! If the brain weasels aren't so fierce this coming year like this past one, that's a lot of mini sculpting practice ahead of me.



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Enter her. Whatever feedback you get will be useful and you will probably get something you didn't expect. It would be a shame to put all of that precious time and energy into it and not enter it. I look forward to seeing her in person!

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Your plan was to enter her, so I say do it!  If you start second-guessing yourself about whether she is "good enough" to enter then it will be that much harder to enter something next year and the next.  


Don't let those brain weasels tell you she's not good enough, I love her!  :wub: 

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Ohhh I didn't post a close up the other day.


My deepest apologies, my lovely painter friends. I'm still a solid color tabletop speed painter until I get some practice time set aside.



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When done painting something you sculpted , you should also post it in Show Off.

You will draw more attention and get more feedback that way.


Looks good!


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That's super work , and in 15h haha I say congrat ! I am far to pull off such stuff now in that amount of time ( and sculpting human figure all together yet ) :D

No matter how you feel about teh sculpt quality and paint, I think having it finished is a great achievement !

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3 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

Mori, I missed it, how did this do at the Con?


Silver! Higher than I expected, as I'm certain that a 30 min paintjob landed me squarely at 1/30 painting points haha!

I got what little feedback I could on it, as it's difficult to get critique on something where even I know I didn't do my best. ::):

I found it much more enlightening to politely listen in on other critiques too, since everyone creates art a little differently.


I took a ton of notes this year, so I've got lots of practice ahead of me, unlike last year's slump. I'm really glad that we decided to jump for the con after all, as my heart really needed that friend and art time!


I should start a new thread with my new goals, since this one is over a year old. My table of contents shouldn't get much longer as I'm long past the no multicontent thread thing. :ph34r:

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      Bobby Jackson already made her both fierce and a babe, so now I just gotta make her a pirate!
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      I'm actually pretty hesitant about the pirate hat because it would hide the hair - and hair that awesome is a sculpting goal. Seriously. Look at that tiny braid and all the locks of hair.

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      3. Proportions - The Body
      4. Anatomy 
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