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Hello all! After getting the Icestorm set all squared away I did end up filling out my roster to a full ITS capable army for Infinity, and now I need to paint them to completion so I can play! I'm starting with the Nomads first, mainly since one of the models I'm using to fill out the army is an infinity figure I've owned since before the current edition.





So here's the gang all together, and from left to right we have:

Tomcat Engineer, Zondcat, Tomcat with DEP, Warcor, Reverend Custodier, Lunokhod Sputnik Remote, 2 CrazyKoalas, and a Bandit Hacker.


And speaking of the first Infinity figure, that would be the reverend Custodier. Her priming job is the worst I've ever done, and I cleaned it up, so how see how painting her goes, but she's all base coated and first in line.




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Fortunately she has ODD, so you can turn priming mistakes into visual artifacting from her armor.

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Looking forward to this.  Definitely considering jumping into Infinity and Nomads is one of the factions I'm considering (though I'm not big on the whole koala/kitty thing).  Will be following this closely though!

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    • By Scorpionfish
      Hello everyone, here's a project that I've been working on for over a year! I actually got Operation  Icestorm, way back when it was released, and now it's done, including the CSU, which I had to hunt down since there was a preorder error that resulted in my order not being treated like a preorder by a distributor. Long story short, I didn't work on it for a while, then took my time getting it done! A special thank you by the way to SGHawkins, who helped me track the CSU mini down.
      I decided to go very naval military on the Pan-Oceania team, dark blue with a few key accents to match the original designs. For Nomads, seeing as they're just basically Australia 2.0 in space with hackers and punk rock, I went with bright orange, purple, white and fun hair. They've also got gloss on the guns, since I was trying to mimic the original IPod for their weapons, and it will help the two teams stand out since this is a starter box so I could teach the game as well.
      The Whole Box





      ORC Trooper and Mobile Brigada

      Akalis and Spektr
       Nisse and Grenzer

      Reverend Healer and Father Knight

      Feel free to ask questions!
    • By Citrine
      Quick paint job on Callie the rogue in bones.  I painted her with the skin tone I have been using for my half-orcs.  I figure she will see game time as a npc bandit most of the time.

    • By Dai-Mongar
      I'd finished painting this fellow quite a while ago, but I finally did something with his base. He'll probably get some snow on it as well at some point as I'm intending to use him as a Frostgrave thug, but I'll wait until I've got a few to do and mix up a big batch of snow.



      I think the photos may have ended up a tad too bright, as some of the shadows don't seem as deep. Still, better than too dark.
      I was trying to make sure that my black was reading as black and not grey here, so let me know how you think I went with that (or anything else you'd like to comment on).
    • By Citrine
      Nothing special here, just a quick tabletop paintjob of Mason Thornwarden in Bones:
      Edit: Ignore the giant pics here, if I delete them in this post they disappear from the other post :-p
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