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Froggy the Great

Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

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4 hours ago, Marvin said:

Welp. Gonna get divorced.



I'm sweating whiskey. Dogs are playing. All three volumes of Hellsing Ultimate arrived today, so I'm doing that.


Germans, man.


I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. I hope you may come to a more amiable place.


2 hours ago, ShadowRaven said:

well Marvin. I am sorry. I hope things work out for the best. You are one of my least hated trolls after all.


This, pretty much. You showed patience and kindness to the confused and sometimes rude people on the Bones III Kickstarter comments. Your book reviews have always been thoughtful and well grounded. Forgive me for the impertinence of the observation, but it has for some time seemed to me that there is some deep well of compassion and understanding behind your difficult and misanthropic façade.


Life is complicated and unpredictable; may yours get better.



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2 hours ago, Erifnogard said:

I prefer the Mantis Shrimp, or as I like to refer to it, the Shrimp of Doom.  http://theoatmeal.com/comics/mantis_shrimp


I like the rainbow-colored space marine armor.




“It is Genghis Khan bathed in sherbet ice cream.”

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2 hours ago, Unruly said:

Hey, the Germans didn't start WWI. That was the Austro-Hungarians, after a Bosnian who was assisted by the Serbian military assassinated the heir to their throne. The Germans just got blamed for it because when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia the Germans had their back and jumped in too, and by the end of the war Austria-Hungary had already fallen apart due to internal collapse that was precipitated by their military losses.


To be fair, at the time Germany was headed by possibly the dumbest (and that’s saying something) and certainly the most confident and belligerent of the uncomfortably interrelated royal family of Europe.*


Between the ludicrous tangle of militaristic alliances, the assurance and unshakeable confidence in the might of modern military tech, jingoistic self-aggrandizing propaganda, an unwillingness to consider real-world logistics, and the imperial ambitions of a small inbred group of well-pampered cousins, the dominoes of catastrophic European war were arranged to topple with the slightest perturbation. Germany would be involved no matter the initiating event.


It is only a pity that the assassinations that finally triggered the thing were of perhaps the nicest two members of that whole bloody clan.




*There was almost a joke about how King George of England, Tsar Nicholas of Russia, and Kaiser Willie of Germany, all first cousins and all grandsons of Queen Victoria, looked nearly identical when they met for big military parades.


None of them were known for their brains, but Wilhelm, it was was painfully obvious, thought he was very clever and was forever trying to urge his cousins to do stupid things that he could take advantage of.

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My dad took amazingly good care of his king size mattress. Like, such good care that we'd feel bad taking it to the landfill. But we can't find anywhere near us to donate it. One place will accept it, but they charge a fee <_< Seriously.

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Charging you money for something you're giving to them for free? It's entirely too early to comprehend that nonsense.:blink:


12 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Uhhm, I think Mad Jack may have given something (move that snorkel, knarthex!) when I saw him on Sunday.


I now appear to be building an entire CAV force to take part in CAV Con.  I have 7 days, a partially read rule book and the contents of the box from the first CAV-starter (all unpainted).


This will either be oh so glorious, or a flaming train wreck.... place your bets



How about a glorious flaming train wreck?


10 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

Didn't @Marineal take it as a dubbing wand during Reapercon?

Yes, she did, but another one appeared in the box a round or two later.


10 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

I do believe I have a bit of a woodwind problem.

There are much worse problems to have...


10 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


 A trip to Michael's today turned into a somewhat expensive idea for a diorama, dammit... :angry:


Michael's can be dangerous like that.

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11 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

Also, not in coffee according to @ub3r_n3rd. He turned funny that one day.

You stay away from my coffee... :grr:


11 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

I do believe I have a bit of a woodwind problem.

It's all the beans. Just keep a window open and a fan blowing and no one will notice.

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6 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

Proof that the Old Ones actually exist.


No one sane was looking for proof!!

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Good morning, friendly Reaperites!


I'm hyper on too much caffeine and awaiting an interview that should (fingers crossed) allow me to keep the job I've been doing since last Christmas.  2.5 hours to go, so should be able to vibrate off some of the caffeine jitters before then.  


Off to my first meeting!  /twitch! 

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Traffic this morning was awful.  I'm trying to suck down a coffee and feel more human.

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23 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

I love getting sent on last minute ( told this morning) business trips.<_<. (Purple)

Did your management know about this for weeks and just got around to telling you about this?  Or was it a surprise to them too?

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      So I realized I only had one painted dwarf (!) when one of my GMs asked me if I had anything for the Jadeborn, a race in Exalted that is roughly equivalent to dwarves except for the 0.001% who are roughly equivalent to elves. And they are also sort of stone golems. Based on jade.
      I thought Reaper's 60184: Meyanda, Android Priestess, sculpted by Bobby Jackson, would do well for one of the elfy artisan Jadeborn and I pulled out a random assortment of seven (because of course) dwarves for the worker and warrior Jadeborn.
      All paints used are Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics. Color mixes are (usually) noted, but not exact ratios.
      Questions are welcomed and I will try to answer them. Critiques are appreciated.
      This is the way I usually start miniature figures: Lightly primed with Titanium White, then when that is dry, washing it over with Burnt Umber. Burnt Umber is a dark, transparent pigment that settles into crannies when thinned down and shows the details very well. It also gives a nice warm undertone to later paint layers.
      I left a few crystal and gem areas white so they will have more luminosity later.

      Left to right:
      Reaper 60184, Meyanda Android Priestess; Ral Partha; Hasslefree HFD014 Hatherley; Oathsworn Miniatures; Oathsworn Miniatures; Red Box Games; Stonehaven Miniatures; Reaper 14143: Kara Foehunter, Dwarf Hero

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      Presenting a favourite mini of mine, painted a few years back but not shown until now - Forgeworld's Warpfire Dragon.













      Thanks for looking!
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      Rather than clutter up the topic in sci-fi general with the details of how I'm painting these guys, I decided to start a wip thread. 
      The plan is to paint all the marines in the primaris half of the new warhammer 40000 starter box.
      So far I know the base colors I'm going with are purple armor, silver trim, blue weapons, green lenses. I haven't decided on squad markings or chapter symbol yet. This is of course not the colors of a canonical chapter, so I'm making it up as I go.
      I painted two test models just to make sure purple, blue, silver looked ok. 

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      I speed-painted these over two afternoons to be a party of NPC adventurers for an eclectic mash-up of Exalted and the World of Darkness.  They are 77322, Kassandra of the Blade (sculpted by Werner Klocke); 77405, Aeris, Female Elf Ranger (sculpted by Julie Guthrie); as-yet unnumbered Mythos figures based on 50032: Jake Ryan, Hero Explorer (sculpted by Bobby Jackson) and the Victorian Lord from the set 50326: Victorian Lord & Dame (sculpted by Bob Ridolfi); and 77409, Flara, Elf Heroine (sculpted by Werner Klocke).
      WIP thread here.








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