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77450 Invisible Wizard

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My first transparent mini:





I wanted to try painting one of the new invisible heroes from Bones III the other day.  This is super simple paint job where I first painted the base, then masked it with a solid coat of Brown Liner for opacity.  After that, I quickly painted the wizard with a single coat of a mixture of:

  • 3 drops RMS Gloss Sealer
  • 2 drops RMS Flow Improver
  • 1 drop RMS Wash Medium
  • 1 drop Liquitex Phthalo Blue


After waiting a day (I was worried the ink might leach out of the sealer or something if I tried to work with it too soon), I painted the exterior of the base with Rainy Gray, followed by a coat of Brown Liner magic wash.  To finish, I sealed the entire figure with a coat of Gloss Sealer, followed by a second coat of Gloss on the wizard and a coat of Brush-on Sealer on the base.


The result was a very blue, almost candy-like mini.  I'm happy with the result, but I'm thinking of pushing back the ink next time by at least half to get a lighter tint.  The wash went on pretty well, but I might also try increasing the viscosity just a bit by upping the ratio of Gloss Sealer.


Overall, a fun and easy paint job.

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I'd eat that.


(I actually really like that tone of blue and the effect you achieved on him--though I think the tint may give the lie to his invisibility.)

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