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4 hours ago, Auberon said:


It is actually unlikely I will ever purchase any of them, but there is a possibility so I left it open.  I have more minis than I can realistically paint this decade, so if a mini doesn't say paint me now I wait for one that does. 


And really, isn't the point of Kickstarter to fund projects for companies so they can then sell stuff at retail?

In this case they do have a retailer backer level so they very clearly intend to sell their product at retail. Even if it's not for an extended period of time.

There's nothing wrong with not backing a kickstarter and waiting for items to hit retail.

You generally won't get as good a deal as those who backed, but you'll have a better idea of what to expect.

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Well, most Miniature makers seem to want to sell them after KS, either through their store or to third party retailers. 

KS helps people who might not get a traditional loan to hire a sculptor and make molds. But they don't get that much money per miniature, so there is probably not much left after covering the production. And project founders still want to pay themselves.

The real "profit" of a KS is that they now own molds and can start producing more Minis to sell at a higher price and make a profit.


Also, going completly beyond the funding goal might not be a good thing. If you plan to cast 10 different models 100 times each and suddenly have backers for 20 models and 10.000 figures the factory you planned to hire might not work out anymore. So you need to find a new one, which might be further away, so you have to ship them to you, store them somewhere, maybe wait until the factory has an open slot, ...


There is a point, where (free) stretch goals might push the price per mini under the actual production cost (or leave so little room for error that everything has to come out perfect the first try), which ofc is a catastrophe and might lead to not fulfilling.


I think there is a good reason for smaller but more experienced companies like Dark Swords or Oathsworn to run smaller campaigns they know they can deliver quickly on and then put into their stores.



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8 hours ago, ced1106 said:


Actually, no. KS is used to raise money for projects. That's it. Art projects, frex, will sometimes have no retail product attached to them. A game creator may intend to sell the product at retail, but a successful KS does not necessarily mean the product will appear at retail.


Distributors are under no obligation to carry anyone's product, KS or otherwise. Even Reaper had miniature lines that distributors chose not to carry. Retailers require a 40% or 60% discount from MSRP, and, even then, may not carry the product. Some KS creators will have enough money from a KS to fund retail copies, some will not, and some will lose money on a KS.


Webstores were once used to carry product for customers who couldn't get them from their FLGS, but, nowadays, are used to sell product that cannot be sold through traditional retailer-distributor models. Cthulhu Wars, Super Dungeon Explore, and Shadows of Brimstone all have product that aren't sold through traditional retailer-distributor models. However, again, a manufacturer may choose not to sell a product from its webstore for various reasons. Frex, if a model product did not sell well during a KS, the creator may stop making additional copies once his current stock runs out.


CMON even had expansions of its Victorian SMOG boardgame marked as "Limited Edition Printrun", which could mean anything, but not suggesting retail. My guess is that they created and paid for the expansions but thought that retail demand might not support them. So, they at least gave KS backers access to them.


Still, you go to pick and choose. I dunno why others think I can drop $100+ on a project *they're* interested in, when my gaming -- and painting time -- budget is also limited.


Well yes, in the general sense you are correct.  KS is simply a way of raising money, and I have seen projects where the only reward is the warm fuzzy feeling of helping someone towards their dream.  In our little corner of the world though, most RPG/video game/tabletop game/minatures KS seem geared to eventually see retail release, even if they don't actually make it in the end. In this day an age I consider web-stores to be retail, even if they don't go through the traditional three tier system.  I''l have to check, but I believe every project that I've backed and has fulfilled has seen some kind of post-fulfillment sales.  Something to check on to kill time at work.  Speaking of which...


In spite of the time I spend in this subforum, I am actually pretty selective in what I back.  I won't have the nifty little superbacker logo any time soon.

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I pledged and then had to drop when I got home to see part of a tree from my back yard draped over the neighbors fence.  No serious damage, but the chainsaw was expensive!

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Kickstarter gets the name from their mission; to help people 'kickstart' their business or project.

So there are some projects that will never ever result in new products hitting the stores.

(Some I've backed were the bugatti 'Reve Bleu' a rather amazing aeroplane, 'That's All Brother' the C-47 that led the D-day invasion, the restoration of the last PBJ-1 bomber in existence. There's the '2000 student projets to the edge of space' which was almost out of this world... )


I backed the development of the 'Safariseat', a project to design a cheaper and more utilitarian wheelchair suitable for 'backyard manufacturing' and use in Africa.

I've helped fun Hackerspaces.


I helped fund a lady who wanted a new tent for her farmers market stand.


Several of the products I've backed over the years have become popular retail products( 3Doodler, the PowerUp blueToot-controlled paper aeroplane system to mention just two)


Everything I've backed from Oathsworn, Bombshell, Midlam is available on their websites, or will be as soon as the last backer has gotten his shipment and the company has restocked.  


You can still buy Ursula Vernon's Digger Omnibus version from SofaWolf press, and find my name in the back since I helped fund it. you just won't be able to get the same Signed, Limited Edition Hardcover with the KS exclusive wrap.

Ondu are selling their wooden Pinhole cameras on their website, but the 6x17cm Ondurama is curently sold out(my fave camera these days.), and the 'box' version from the first KS was a KS Exclusive, so that won't appear.(touch mine and I will break your fingers) 


Running a KS is a lot of work, and most times even pros at this have very little direct income from it. It's first when it goes retail they make any real money off of it.


Kickstarters give the creators 3 things really:

1. The money up front to actually start doing what they wanted.

2. Exposure. A KS project will stay online 'forever' and can link to their store.

3. A good idea of what will sell. In cases like this, where backers can pick and choose among the offered goods, they'll get an idea of what will sell well afterwards, and what will probably bomb out. Which is kind of useful when ordering more manufactured for the store.



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The pledge manager was opened a week or so ago. It took a while but I managed to get an order in. Didn't get as many figures as I wanted though. There have been a lot of good KSs lately so I went down to:

 1x Legertha, the Shieldmaiden 28mm
 1x Rebecca, the Red Coat 28mm
 1x Ksenia, the Cossack girl 28mm

I really wanted to get Rebecca in 54mm but decided to save that cash for the "Kev White does Matt Dixon" PM. 


Oh! They also revealed the Samurai figure in the last update. Her face doesn't look very Asian but I LOVE her armor, hair and especially her footwear. Wish she had a normal Samurai breastplate though. Still very tempted to add her. I'll throw the pics in the spoiler:








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1 hour ago, Smokestack said:

What I ended up with... Do want the Samurai girl but hate painting Samurai armor.


Hum, I've never actually painting samurai armor. You and somebody in the KS comments said the same thing. Gotta admit, it's making me a little hesitant. Is it especially difficult or tedious to paint, or something else? 

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10 hours ago, Smokestack said:

What I ended up with... Do want the Samurai girl but hate painting Samurai armor.

Take it from someone who painted an entire 28mm Japanese feudal army........gloss varnish :poke:

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Yeah, I went  a little crazy on this one.  Out of 22 figures, I'm getting 19 of them in 54mm.  Only ones I didn't go for were Bonnie, Basia, and the original Lagertha.  I wasn't impressed with Azumi's concept art, but I really like the render, so that just got added.  I look forward to the challenge. ::D: I had three other guys go in on this with me, and the total is over $650.  :blink:  Just couldn't pass up the deal, and I had the money available. 


I'm curious to see when they'll update the delivery on this, since it obviously didn't deliver last month!  Personally I'd expect beginning of next year at this point, since they still have four more renders to show, then there's prototypes, molds, production, & packaging still to go. One of the guys who backed with me, got to see the figures they brought to AdeptiCon and he was favorably impressed.

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Anyone received anything out of this yet?  One of the updates stated they were shipping orders for figures they'd finished. 

I'm still waiting for Jackie to get sculpted then all of the girls I ordered will be finished.  Given the wait for the last sculpt, Holiday mail crush, and two week delivery time from Europe, I'm not expecting to get my order until the beginning of next year at this point.

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