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A Party of Bones III Adventurers Painted to Tabletop Standard Really Fast by Pingo

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My GM needed a party of NPCs fast for a game of Exalted set in the World of Darkness (think fantasy characters popping up in a modern day world, more or less).


There was no time to order anything, but we had the handy new Bones III core and Mythos sets.


These are the Bones minis 77322, Kassandra of the Blade (sculpted by Werner Klocke); 77405, Aeris, Female Elf Ranger (sculpted by Julie Guthrie); as-yet unnumbered Mythos figures based on 50032: Jake Ryan, Hero Explorer (sculpted by Bobby Jackson) and the Victorian Lord from the set 50326: Victorian Lord & Dame (sculpted by Bob Ridolfi); and as a free bonus 77409, Flara, Elf Heroine (sculpted by Werner Klocke), who was simply a "Vale Swordsman Elf Grunt" in metal (she was the first character picked for the one represented by Kassandra of the Blade, and I painted her up anyway as an extra and useful figure).


I painted these really fast -- for me -- in two afternoons, one to prime and paint faces and one to paint the rest of them.  It's not quite my one-hour robot speed paint, but for me it was super fast and the results are more tabletop-quality than my usual run.


First I washed and primed all the Bones with Reaper's Brown Liner.  I did not clean flash up as much as normal owing to the tight deadline.





Skin work, using simple mixes of earth pigments plus white: Burnt Umber (for the darker skin tones), Burnt Sienna (for the pinker, lighter skin tones), Red Iron Oxide (for really pink skin) ,and Yellow Ochre plus Titanium White. Hair was laid in with the same palette plus Carbon Black.



Rough shading with ruddy Burnt Sienna-Titanium White shadows and greyer Burnt Umber-Titanium White shadows.



This character, a former Fae, has dramatic blue-streaked hair.  This is a classic mix of Phthalocyanine Blue and enough Titanium White to make it opaque.








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Looking a little skeletal here. I've primed things I expect to be silver with Carbon Black and things I expect to be gold with Red Iron Oxide.












Refining faces and painting bases.  The bases are mostly greys mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna plus Titanium White, or they are greens mixed from Phthalo Green and Yellow Ochre and Hansa Yellow Light washed with Burnt Sienna, for the moment (but more refinement later).  Faces might be close to done (Although Jake Ryan, Hero Explorer, or whoever he will be, has a very lumpy and asymmetric face. He looks a little thuggish although the character is supposed to be more of a dashing young Captain Kirk type.).









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Racing to get these done in time for the game. I threw on some solid Carbon Black (usually I like to build up blacks slowly in layers of many colors) and Red Iron Oxide to get a sense of what goes where.






I have no idea what I'm doing with Kassandra of the Blade.  She has so many lovely details and I'm just flying by them.




Woohoo! Actual metallics, lightly drybrushed on with a good brush.










I decided to paint this one's armor like those Italian Renaissance black enamelled armors with gold edges (it suits the character).  I weep at the quality of the painting, but at least the impression looks good on the tabletop.







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Time's a-wasting.  This one needs a lot of blue in her clothing.  I was throwing paints together pretty fast, but I believe this first layer on her amazing buttoned cloak is a fairly dark, translucent blue mixed from Ultramarine, a touch of Burnt Umber or Burnt Sienna (sorry, can't remember which, it's all a blur), and just a tiny amount of Titanium White.






Oh yes, more bright green, mixed from Hansa Yellow Opaque and the tiniest dab of Phthalo Green, on the bases.  Highest highlights are pure Hansa Yellow Opaque.  I've also been touching up the hair because unshiny hair bugs me.











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They look amazing. I especially love how Kassandra turned out, and the effects achieved on the Victorian Lord. 

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Great speed paints! I can't believe you were able to paint so many faces with different skin tones so quickly. I just love the black armor with sparse gold highlights. Can't wait to give that a try someday.

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2 hours ago, Rob Dean said:

That's fantastic! I enjoyed the step-by-step pictures, although that must have slowed you down. ::D:


Actually it worked out pretty well.  I'd paint something, it would need to dry, I'd set it by the photography set up to dry, then I'd do the same with the next, and by the time I'd worked through them all the first ones were dry enough to photograph, which would be a nice little break from painting.



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They are a BEAUTIFULLY painted Gang of Adventurers especially considering the time constraints. You do have a way with colors AND a unique style all your own...one I've come to love. VERY WELL DONE!

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Crap Pingo, you're quickie work makes my grit-my-teeth-visor-on-high work look like...

Well, crap.

(stomping off to basement)


Good paintin

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On 6/27/2017 at 7:03 PM, Pillpeddler said:


Crap Pingo, you're quickie work makes my grit-my-teeth-visor-on-high work look like...

Well, crap.

(stomping off to basement)


Good paintin



Fantastic work. Also your DM is so lucky to have you!!

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      I like to paint skin and especially faces before the rest of the figure. I've been painting up my vampire figures with completely colorless skin mixed from Titanium White and Carbon Black, so I did that here. The metal figure has much more delicate details than the Bones. The fangs are a mix of Titanium White and Yellow Ochre and the lips and eyes are pure Red Oxide and Hansa Yellow Opaque with Carbon Black.


      For a color scheme I decided on a contrast to my Bones Judas Bloodspire, who had white hair, a red cloak, blue drapery and a rather misunderstood outfit (I had painted him very quickly, only intending him for tabletop use. I fell in love with the sculpt as I painted.) This one will have a dark blueish or purple cape (still thinking about that), a red greatcoat, and brown hair (maybe with some white streaks. I do like white streaks.).
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      Next: Beginning the figure.
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