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Reverend Shartan

Top Secret Espionage RPG

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From the man who started it all back in 1980..... Merle M. Rasmussen.


An updated version of the orginal spy rpg.



Reverend Shartan

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Already funded in fifteen minutes. Yeah, I'm in.

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I was actually just perusing the original book the other morning and thinking about reviving it.  Weird ...


Oh no, I missed the early bird for the vintage TSR miniatures.  I like how they actually included a photo demonstrating that these were the possible nadir of the entire universe of miniature art.

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I admired how Rasmussen was so DEDICATED to his game. I remember "The Floating Island Mission," in which he put an amount of effort and detail into an adventure that made professional published game modules look slapdash... for an adventure published for free in Dragon magazine. And ALL his stuff was like that.

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Like many games in the "old days" we made characters & then shelved the game...sigh


I may have to back this one.

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I loved Top Secret, back in the day - it was, in my very young opinion, the best set of rules that TSR was producing at that time - better than Gamma World. Better than Boot Hill. Better than Metamorphosis Alpha. And better than that other game they had... what was its name again...? Oh, yeah, AD&D!


I love a good spy game - and there have been some excellent ones - Top Secret, James Bond, and both versions of SpyCraft. (SpyCraft 2.0 is my go-to rules for modern gaming.)


I am psyched for this!


The Auld Grump

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I played it back in the day.  Though I'm pretty sure rules were loosely interpreted for reasons of cool.


I've added it to my "stalker" list on KS.  I'll watch the hour long video.... tomorrow?  I really hope there are good rules for social interaction.  It looks like the d12 gets some love, but I'm also wondering if the new system plays like alternity where your skill is a die rather than a number.  I figure i'll know tomorrow.


Also, REALLY not missing those minis.  I would put them into a melt exchange with nary a second thought.  They were cool in the day, but it's been 30+ years.  The bar has raised considerably since then.


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1 hour ago, mikem91 said:

It looks like the d12 gets some love, but I'm also wondering if the new system plays like alternity where your skill is a die rather than a number.


It looks that way - the description in the campaign page describes rolling 3 dice of varying size where you are always trying to beat 13. Not sure how that will work in play, sounds a bit clunky. But whatever, spies are cool. (Spycraft was always on my list of stuff to try but never got a quorum for a group.)


Was the TSR trademark up for grabs at some point? I would have assumed it went with D&D and all the rest of their IP to WotC.

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