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July 2017 Hobby Goals of DOOM!!

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Darkmeer has a commission.  Darkmeer has Bones 3.  Darkmeer has a LOT TO PAINT~!


Goal is to get back to the brush.  Finish the commission and get the Chaos dwarfs from a couple months back done.  And OMG soooo many bones. 

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I'm hesitant to make goals, lest the fates view it as a challenge, But I shall attempt to finish the following by the end of the month, some of whom have been sitting since January on my desk stareing at me

Elf, Wizard, and Barbarian from Dungeon Saga

Mariel Twinspar

highland familiar dwarf

highland heroine

aina the valkrye

bones female viking

2 bones female barbarians

berekly zombie survivor

witch whose name I can't recall

old school domor

I've told myself I'm not allowed to open another blister pack until these are done. Because there's more on the end table and lamp shelf whose impatience is reaching atomic proportions.

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15 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

My goal is to not paint anything.





(i always end up breaking these goals so I'll try and use failure to my advantage)

I've tried this in the past.  It has yet to work out the way I thought it would.

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My goal is to do better than in June (I finished zero minis), and since I already finished 2 Ral Partha crocodiles today I am already there....


Actually, I hope to finish another 3 crocs and a few others too.

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Elf Wizards (one is at about 90%, the other maybe... 60%?)

Werebat (pretty much finished it tonight... let's call it 98% done)

Kagunk, Ogre Chief, brown lined

Reapercon Diorama Minis cleaned and mold lines removed

GW Witch Hunter base colors done


For the month, I want to finish the elves, werebat, Kagunk, and the Witch Hunter, and make a decent start on the diorama minis. We'll see...


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I've opted to continue assembly.  Put together the Primaris Captain, two Intercessors, one Hellblaster, and the Inceptor Sergeant but left the jump pack separate for easier painting. Nine Primaris figures remain. Then the Death Guard.

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On 7/2/2017 at 7:46 AM, SparrowMarie said:

July Goals:


  • Finish Fire giants (3). This is about half way done already as of now.
  • 2 NPC's for our Exalted 3rd game
  • 2 PC's for Exalted 3rd
  • Start on PC's for D&D (currently 2)


Fire giants have gone on the back burner for now. I got a bunch of stuff added to finish in a couple of weeks. Here is the new list (and what I have left).

  • Damien, Hellborn Wizard (4E PC)
  • Goblin Commanders
  • Kobold Command
  • 1 PC mini for Exalted
  • 1 NPC mini for Exalted
  • Young Fire Dragon

The minis I don't have names for are from Bones 3 and I haven't figured out a way to find names for them yet. 

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1-3) Paint the 3 PC figures I'm working on right now. 

4) Forge Guardian for Jasper

5) Finish the KD "Distracted" project. 

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On 7/1/2017 at 10:47 AM, hdclearman said:

My wife will be out of town for two weeks this month.  Not really sure how that is going to factor into my hobby goals.  I would like to be ambitious and really focus while she is out.  Not sure how well that will work out.


That said, I know I will be:


*  Planning my RPChallenge work and progressing on them. 

*  Continuing work on ReaperCon17 entries.

*  Insert ambition here. Suggestions welcome.


New goal for July:  Rebuild paint rack.


The wife and I made an impromptu trip to Las Vegas this past weekend, during which we received a call from the kids that the paint rack collapsed dumping its contents onto the floor.  Thankfully only a couple models were damaged, and nothing that could not be repaired.


The youngest was industrious enough to collect each bottle and place them in numerical order on the desk.  Kept her occupied for a few hours.

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After a 13 hour panting spree, all that's left of the original desk dwellers are old school domor, and the 3 dungeon saga heroes. I'm hoping to get them done next Monday or Tuesday when I have time off work.

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Brought over from an errant post in the June topic:  My July painting goal is simple: 10 Ral Partha and 6 Grenadier zombies.  They are primed, but it may be a couple of weeks before they see any real paint.


Stretch goal: if I get the zombies done in time, I'll make a run at 19 Ral Partha skeletons.  


Considering I've only painted 17 minis all year (15 in early January, then nothing until 2 in June), knocking out 35 total in a couple of weeks would be great progress for me.  Motivation?  Six Month Mountain (of unpainted minis) Reduction Challenge, aka 6MMRPC, running from July 1 thru December 31.  Also, the zombies will serve as proxies in Zombicide: Black Plague, and all will help me improve my speed/tabletop technique.  I iz a slooow painter. <_<  :poke:  :lol:


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4 critters from Bones2 core - basilisk, big grub, brain eater, grick.  They are done and mostly green. 

put a lot of paint on Fire Giant Jailer - not even close to done. 

finished watching shading and highlighting from DVD series, again. I think this part is sinking in. 

 - either I have going to have to watch each segment multiple times, or take notes.

learning is hard, but taking notes has always helped me, so ill try that next time.  




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