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July 2017 Hobby Goals of DOOM!!

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On 7/17/2017 at 1:38 PM, Crowley said:

Progress made!

Elf wizard 1 calling her done

Elf wizard 2 almost done

Werebat done

Kagunk... has eyes now...

Witch Hunter... A little more progress. Shading in his clothing.

Well... There's still today and Monday... but here's where I'm at:

Mailee 1 (with nipples, under-boob, and butt window) Done

Mailee 2 (with actual hair texture and less cheesecake) Done

Kagunk - 60%? Skin is just about done, major colors blocked in. Some shading. 

Witch Hunter - Nearing done

Diorama minis (heroines in sensible shoes) primed, and diorama placement figured out. I'm doing a dungeon scene with OSL (2 torches) so figuring out the lighting is gonna be... interesting. Trying to avoid too many overlapping shadows. 


I'll probably finish off the witch hunter, and make a little more progress on the ogre before August 1.

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I finished my summer exchange mini which was priority #1. Need to pack it up and mail it tomorrow. Slapped some paint on a dragon so I'm almost finished the initial base colours. Stuck some moss and other bits on my swampy pond but still not happy with the look of it. Assembled paint rack and did some planning on how to get some better lighting where I paint. Not too bad for a month where I usually don't even look at minis. Might do a couple fast minis later just to pad my numbers :lol:

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On 6/30/2017 at 11:00 PM, Werkrobotwerk said:

I will paint an unknown number of lizard mans, a were wolf, some gators, some viking ish things, sophie and space mouselings.

Ok so I have mostly succeeded this month.


13 bones lizard people

Bones 3 Stoneskull dragon

Troll in Eli Manning jersey

Ali, myth boss

Bones 3 Weregator

Bombshell Maelee, Anvalla, their forge

Bones 3 werewolf

Bones 3 Stoneskull iron golem

4 bones vikings

Bones 3 space mouselings

Raging heroes davidians command squad

Bombshell Ellie Tyson

Games workshop lucius pattern escape pod


For a total of 32 minis finished.


Started but not finished

primaris marine starter set

Stoneskull monster

Assorted other stuff. 



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Forgot the picture.
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Ummm.... well.... 

* I started the HA tomb

* I finished 4 of the 7 NPC Models

* I looked at the RP Magister

* I finished My Goblin Commander 

* I started 2 of my planned RCon projects

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I finished 7 this month, 5 crocodiles and 2 Dreadmere townsfolk.


Pictures here:



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I am not expecting to get anything finished tomorrow, between work and dance lesson, so this looks like it for July: one 1/72 unit in the upper left, the rest vintage 25s or recent castings of the same.



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On 7/21/2017 at 4:38 PM, Guildenstern said:

Just got home a bit ago, from vacation, massive amount of house work to do sadly. Plus yardwork that was left undone.


My goals for what time I've got left this month are to

1. Clean up my hobby area (sadly quite messy and crowded atm)

2. Finish off my tankbustas for my Ork army - they pretty much only need their bases done and maybe a bit more touchup.


Hopefully that'll get me all back and ready to go full steam ahead in August =D


Waiting for the bases to dry, then I can put the tankbustas on 'em and post pics :D


I also finished an Ork Mek!


Not a ton of stuff, but at least I'm getting back in the swing of things again.

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Current status of finished figures for July:


1-3) 3 Tabletop Figures for 3 PCs in my D&D Campaign

4) Figure painted up for Jasper (should arrive to him this week)

5) Wolf's head pendant painted up for Glitterwolf

6) Queen Shaernagathu - monster mashup finished, final pics will have to wait until after October 20th due to entering her into a contest that would DQ me if I published final pics before it ends.

7) Shazirah - 54 mm Ares Mythologic figure painted up today for my niece's 18th birthday, my brother is bringing it back to MO with him tomorrow. 

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On 7/2/2017 at 9:01 AM, buckyball said:

In keeping with my goals for the year my July goals are

  •  Paint a half elven bard D&D character |
  •  Paint a warriorish thing D&Dcharacter |
  •  Paint a sci-fi |figure for Future Tales (finally)
  •  Paint this month's mithril miniature. |

And I also hope to start in on my graveyard terrain from bone 3 but this is more of an ongoing thing



Well this is disappointing. I am at the end and I have one figure to finish. I was pretty close, but then I got onto a team for the 48 hour film project in NM and I lost the last weekend of the month.



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On 7/17/2017 at 2:44 PM, NebulousMissy said:



Fix desk

Acquire minis for game I'm supposed to run

Paint minis

Run game


There's a whole slew of secondary quests needed to get to each step but those are the main ones. Also steps 2 and 3 are more eternal and ongoing...


Fix desk:

Parts acquired. Parts installed. Desk is usable. Need to get junk organized and off of desk, will be a goal for August.

Acquire minis for game:

State ID acquired. Bank switched. Paypal updated. Bank cards acquired. Mini purchases have begun. This one involved a lot of side quests.

Paint minis:

no progress

Run game:

First session tentatively scheduled for this Saturday. Same as it was last Saturday :\


I technically have enough minis to run the first adventure (if I want to pit my PCs against the Modron Mooks). I have an order to Reaper all ready for placing as soon as I get the affirmative that people will show the %&$@ up.

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On 7/2/2017 at 7:05 AM, Sergeant_Crunch said:

My goals for July:


- Paint at least a Space Marine Tactical Squad, Intercessor Squad, and Captain in Mk X Gravis armor.

- assemble the remaining Space Marines (total of 14 models)

Got them all assembled, then life happened, now my motivation is shot to heck.  Did manage to finish the test model, so that's one Space Marine finished.

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