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Hall of the Fire Giant King

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Gaming with minis! My oldest was in town and asked to play. So.... Lord Piergeron of Waterdeep pulled four 11th level death row inmates from his prison and forced them into the Fire Giant complex. Barbarian Erik the Butcher, Eldrige the gnome wizard, Father Bertrand the dwarf cleric and the Justicar ( my oldest loves the books). Erik is a mass murderer of priests, father Bertrand didn't know this girls were so young, Eldridge liked to do experiments on folks and the justicar was a vigilante. So at crossbow point they are forced in....


They enter the hall and surprise the first Fire Giant sentry behind the tapestry curtain ( silence spell helped). 


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So they kill the sentry and neutral evil cleric raises Giant to be undead slave ( didn't expect that) . The undead Giant leads them down the hall. Ettin sees them being led by Giant stupid thing walks over to see WTF. Ettin charm monster by gnome wizard. Ettin now friend calls over other ettin into silenced area... undead Giant, friend ettin and party slaughter other ettin.


Worked the first time so rinse, wash , repeat... they ask ettin what is down south hall.,, king and queen bedrooms and guard room. Send ettin to get guards for ambush! As soon as they walk thru tapestry curtain ... pow! Surprise round devastating!


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Into the queen frupy's chambers!  Gnome uses invisibility and scouts ahead. Uses mass invisibility and silence after to sneak party in and beats 3 queen unarmored servants with ettin friend and undead Giant. 


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Next they confront queen frupy: 

she tries to bluff them. No go. The weasels jump from under bed as gnome cast resilient sphere on frupy ( crap). Weasels slaughtered. Group surrounds frupy, dismisses sphere, wrestled her to ground, ties and gags her. Ettin and undead carry her outside complex where evil party interrogated her as to complex (wasn't pretty and I am now wondering about my children). Game ends at 1am. Sleep ...to be continued 


The entrance level printed full size


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Don't tell charcon, but I may steal some of his awesome color scheme ideas for my own fire giants.  I like the ashy, sooty look, it's a nice shake-up to the ubiquitous "black skin, orange everything" look.

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Anyone on here in the Austin area? Looking at moving there. Will need painting and gaming buddies!

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    • By jonaas33
      The one good thing about being snowed in over a weekend is that I had nothing to do but paint.  I ordered this giant a few months ago, but couldn't bring myself to get started. Turns out a random April snow storm was just the excuse I needed!
      My original plan was to make him albino, with skin like burned charcoal or ash. After I did the 2nd layer of greys, I decided that I really liked the stony look, and left it.  I went with a black beard with orange tips to resemble candle wicks that have just burned out.  Overall I think skin and beard combo make him look older/wiser/angrier. 
      Critiques and advice are always welcome!  Thanks in advance!

    • By Kuche
      Hi guys, i know i havent post or comment anything the las few months. I just had lot of work, but finally got free time to finish my vanja :), some have seen her wip, but she os finally done, hope you guys like her.  

      Sorry about the quality of the photos 
    • By Thrym
      The Series continues with the merriest mini of the lot, the Bones 3 Fire Giant Jailor, joining the Joten Horde of Thrym!
      Now, after sitting on my desk since pulling him from his plastic bag and dry fitting him together, I've been considering what to do with him.
      The first thing was the weird shaped integral base ... that needed to be fixed.  So I dug around for a base to place his base on and settled for one of the large rounds from the same Bones kickstarter.  Now, how best to expand upon the stone work of the integral base or was I going to have to dump it altogether and just use the giant.
      Well,  I decided that I liked it a lot but the strange shape was a pain so I cut back the piece to the straight edges along one side.  Then using some architectural samples I have a ton of, I proceeded to make new tiles and intentionally break them.    They are 1/8" thick (3.2mm) and 2" x 2" in size.  After cutting them into squares, breaking them into bits is easy.

      The rest was just a matter of doing tile work and gluing them in place.  I grouted the piece with some Loctite Craft Glue.  It's heavy duty and fills in nicely ... see below.

      After a little sanding to remove the excess glue and roughing the edges, I used a hobby blade and carving tool to clean and define some of the lines in the integral base to better match the new tiles.  I also flipped one of the cut away segments from the front for the edge on the left side of the piece (near the top of the pic).
      Once that was dried and cleaned, I cleaned and glued the giant together and added him to the base.

      I have to do a  little filling of gaps and I did glue the chain down to the tiles so it lays across the ground as if it is landing there.  I just have to improve the pin for the dagger on his back belt and settle the keg on the hook off his belt.  Then I can coat and prime him and begin his paint job.
      I'll stick to my Fire Giant Skin Triad ...

      As used with the Dungeons & Dragons Fire Giant I did last year.

      Of course, the Jailor of the Fire Giants won't be nearly as pristine as one of their Elite Guards, so you can expect a lot of grunge and prolly some soot.
      As always, Enjoy and Stay Tuned.
    • By Lidless Eye
      Although there was a tragic sealant malfunction, I managed to save the first set of minis I've completed in some time using some tips and tricks...and having a better can of sealant available to fix the foggies.

      Since I am still running Storm King's Thunder, I thought the first minis from the Kickstarter I would paint should be the Giants of Bones 3.

      First, we have the whole lot, with Sir Forscale striking a pose.


      Then, we'll just get frosty:

      The King:

      The Queen (clearly the one in charge)

      A Frost Giant standing guard:

      A more eager Giant:

      Then, we heat things up with the Fire Giants!

      The King says, "That knight went that way!"

      A Warrior pursues.  I removed the spiked ball and chain from his belt...I wasn't a big fan of that look.  I left the bases as a decoration.

      Another Fire Giant guard stands by, in case Forscale returns.

      The Jailor stands by, awaiting the Knight's return in chains.

      You may notice the Fire Giant Queen is missing...I thought she was too similar to the original, and wanted to convert her to a  more active pose, since Bones are so much easier to cut.  She's been set aside for now.

      Overall, I think the recovery process from the sealer foggies went well.  Looking at the photos, the process de-flocked their bases more than anything, which I'll fix.  Eventually.


    • By Lidless Eye
      Bones 3 had a bit of an unfortunate arrival time for me, coming in the middle of an unplanned move.  It may have taken me a bit, but I'm finally getting started on some of the pieces!

      I even took them with me for some down time on our yearly beach vacation, though my set-up here is not very scenic:

      That was last week, and now they're a bit closer to completion, with some details and fixes, basing, and sealing to be done.  Some Bones 3 furniture snuck in as well:

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