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Alright, I figured I needed to get this WIP started so that I can at least get a few things going. This will be my first commission for the wife of an old friend and DM of mine, which I'm happy to do. In our Way of the Wicked campaign she plays Pyrrhi, an oracle of Asmodeus. We found a figure that looks very similar to her drawings of her character, and she asked me to paint it for her. She has full confidence in my abilities, despite the knowledge that I have never done a skin tone before. I bought the Fair Skin Triad specifically for this. Wish me luck.


Since she is an artist in her own right ( and my Bones III package even inspired her to start painting minis for the first time!), she has supplied me with a detailed list of what she sees the figure looking like, which is incredibly helpful. I'm putting it on here or my own reference:

-Skin: Ivory, black lips

-Head: Reddish-purple pentagram on crown of head

-Skirt: Scarlet

-Skull Armour: Leave as is ( I assume she meant metallic)

-Skeletal Shirt: black

-Boots: Red w/black detail (heels+skull, etc)

-Scroll: Aged papyrus yellow, red scribbles

-Gauntlets: Oxblood red (leave fingers+spikes as is)

-Staff: Brown w/black skull (red eye socket)

-Base: Black


There is certainly some wiggle room when it comes to the colours, so I'm not stuck. I stopped painting on my orc druid to start this, but because of the job hunt and the general feeling of being unmotivated, I haven't really done much. I'm starting this WIP in hopes that it'll give me a jumpstart to get back into things again, and I really appreciate any advice you all have to offer me on completing it. I have several different lines of paints, so feel free to call out anything that you think might work.


First of all, the figure I started on:










For her I used Stynylrez White Primer and use a couple of thin coats of Reaper Dragon White to get things started. I will probably have to block out the metal and wood with black instead for a better look, but I wanted a white basecoat in order to make the skin look paler and the scarlet skin look brighter. I was also considering using Citadel Biel-Tan Green as a recess wash, and then see if I have a brighter red for a highlight. I noticed that the paint has rubbed off on some of the sharpest edges, but it should be okay.


Thora also came with a skeletal hand that is mounted on her back as a fashion statement, I suppose. Nice for a necromancer, but didn't really fit the theme of a fire oracle, so we were content to just leave it off. A thought occurred to me that I could use it to experiment on, and I got some results:










Keep in mind that this is the very first time in my life that I've ever attempted to sculpt Green Stuff. I thought that it would be very fitting if I could turn the fingers into flames instead so I found a tutorial on making them online, and I think it went well. The one with the lightest coloured GS (right side on the first pic) is my first attempt, and I went on from there. Afterwards I put Stynylrez White Primer on it as well, still have to put a coat of Dragon White on it as well. Think I'll start off with  yellow first while keeping a touch of white within it, the paints from the Holiday Set should work really well for this (Golden Glow, Hearth Fire, Holly Berry). And this is where I'm at for the moment, and I'll try to work on it when I have the time and energy.

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After a few months, paint has actually touched figure:






A bit sloppy but that's fine, plenty of time to clean it up later. What's important is that the paint went on all the places it needed to be. For this I used Vallejo Model Color Scarlet Red, which is stunning in its own right. Don't really have that many red paints that are lighter than this, except perhaps Citadel Wild Rider Red. Next I'll hit this with some Citadel Biel-Tan Green wash to bring out the details, though I'm not sure if I should just hit the recesses with it or if I should cover it all and then go over it again with the VMC Scarlet. Might need to order Reaper Brilliant Red if I want a proper highlight, but I want to keep going instead of waiting.

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Whoa, I love that mini, and your flames look pretty good (first time?!  My first flames were not that good...).  Can't wait to see her painted up!

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Managed to do a little work despite being busy today, trying to take advantage of a two-day weekend:






I had put some Citadel Biel-Tan Green wash in the recesses but found that it had been too strong, tried going over it again with the VMA Scarlet Red, found that it was translucent enough that it softened the shade instead of covering it, so I my have saved it there. Also managed to put some Reaper Fair Shadow on her today. Oi, she has a lot of hard to reach places on her. Next will be the eyes for her, before I put down the next layer.

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