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    • By Darsc Zacal
      Do yourself a favour and take a look at what's on offer even if you've not backed one of Stonehavens projects before.
      Lots of unique and fun concepts scattered throughout,
      Plus they've done things a bit differently and have everything already sculpted and shown.
      Love the cloaked mysterious strangers.
    • By Purgatoryminiatures
      Hi there fellow gamer's and painters!
      I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the Purgatory kickstarter that goes live on the 10th October 2016. You can preview the project here: https://goo.gl/g73jPiwhich will give you a flavour of what is to come.
      In April we went to Salute and we took with us this artbook:
      You can find pictures of at least 5 of the starting factions alongside information on the background and the history of some of the characters themselves.
      If you like what you see you can follow us on twitter @purgatoryminis or you can follow our facebook page: www.facebook.com/purgatoryminiatures along with the other 1600+ followers we are lucky to have. We have a website: www.purgatory-miniatures.co.uk that gives you more information on the game and the world as well as having a shop where you can pick up models like Erishkigal below.
      You can see that we have some 'pedigree' in delivering highly detailed multi part resin models that are at 32mm scale. We have 7 models now released and the kickstarter bring the possibility of another 30 or more models that are all interchangeable to give you a dynamic and long lasting game.
      The pledges feature a number of different levels, where the more you spend the greater the value. The £90 set for example, includes 15 models, all coming with a unique insert for their base. 15 stat cards, 15 San Ban cards, unique art, dice, hard copy rulebook and 60 Gift of the Gods cards. It really is packed with value.
      So if you like the look of Purgatory, come on over and support the project as we ramp up for the War in Heaven!
      Team Purgatory
    • By SamuraiJack

      A smart holder system for painting and sculpting tabletop and board game miniatures - touchless, comfortable and much more precise.
    • By SamuraiJack
                                          Halfling Borderlands
      Welcome to my latest Kickstarter. Firstly I'll confess my love for OldSchool Miniatures & Tabletop Games. I always wanted a Halfling Army to play with in Warhammer 2nd & 3rd. I never forgave Games Workshop for removing all my favourite Armies, especially Gnomes, Halflings and Hobgoblins. That was one of the main reasons I stuck with 3rd edition Warhammer. Halflings are great for Skirmish games too. I envisioned this Kickstarter to provide some rural Farming Halfling types and the animals that they rear and protect.
      I worked in conjunction with Langley Miniatures on this Kickstarter. Like the last one, I'm working towards a quick turnaround. Everyone should have their orders by the end of January.
      I would also like to take the time to personally thank everyone who has supported my sculpting endeavors. Much appreciated.
      Andy T.
      Treebrain the Treeman  
      Treebrain the Treeman  
      Treebrain the Treeman (rear View)  
      Treeman Accessories (small)  
      Zitty the Giant  
      Zitty the Giant (rear view)  
      Zitty the Giant (accessories)  
      Village Sign  
      Halfling Provision Cart  
      Halfling Provision Cart  
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