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Hmm might the goblins make an appearance similar to the orcs in the last SM KS?  Hopefully those dryder sculpts too.


I said dryder silly tablet

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I'm afraid the Forest Goblins will get their own campaign, one last time. If they don't fund a 2nd time, then they were never meant to be... -_-

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I will most likely be in on this one. The Shield maidens were quite nice, and I am well satisfied with the resin stuff as well.


Though, Game of Thrones, and Bones 4 are in this time frame.... So it will be rough. I am not really into Sci-fi but will likely try to get some of the scifi stuff as well.

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Copied from the Dakka Dakka forum.



Well, here is some generic info, we will be more precise when we get closer, we have something else in our hands ATM which is burdening heavily our schedule, we will share/speak about it on July's update. 
-We are using the same structure as before, therefore $1 Add-ons, $50 Raiding Party, 100$ Starter Army, $150 Garrison Army and $200 Campaign Army. 
-The $1 doesn't allow freebies, Raiding Parties eligible to silver medallion freebies, starter armies and higher eligible to golden medallion freebies. 
-The difference between silver and golden medallions will be more noticeable compared to KS-2. 
-Upgrading during the "Grace Period" will be allowed. 
-No early birds but first 24-hour backers get freebie miniature(s) we sculpted for this purpose. 
-Sci-fi pledges will be completely separate from Fantasy, i.e. a Starter army for fantasy will include fantasy troops + monsters, whereas for sci-fi it's going to be sci-fi troops+ vehicles. A number of different characters will also drop to complete each setting. 
-Duration will be augmented from 2 weeks to 3 instead, giving more time to interact. 
-Sprues will be completely separate for each genre (unlike our initial planning to mix the two in a single sprue). 

As a side note some big KS names are indeed dropping to overlap our timeframe. This has us worried, no secret there. We will see how to deal with it.


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