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Shieldwolf Miniatures

Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

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Agreed, great minis.  Given that I don't play war games and I practically bought their whole store last time, I am not sure how involved I will be this time.  So everyone else make sure to pledge double!::P:


I am sure I will be getting something, just not sure what yet.

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Vehicle teasers coming next for the sci-fi hobbyists, we will be announcing the date around 5-7 days before the launch. ::):


Launches officially on Monday 18th of September::D:




And this here...


Remember, backers of the first day (first 24 hours) receive free miniature(s).



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So, you really think BIG things have been designed for the sci-fi factions only? :ph34r:


In this project once again we claim "innovative", so I think a man with your hobbying experience can do much better than "war chariots"... ^_^ Any guesses?


PS. Thanks all the same for the kind remark, glad you like them ::D:

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Some pictures from the campaign. Some yetis and a giant wolf thing. My stuff from the Shield maiden kickstarter was top notch.



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      Automatically Appended Next Post:
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