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77376 Minotaur Demon Lord and 72243 Kraken

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More progress..

I made some energy/lightning om his staff. I’m not 100% happy with the placing of them om the front, but dont Think I will change it now.

I made the exploding planet brighter, and also the OSL slightly brighter.

And I think he is done.


The space craft is also very close to finished. But Im not sure about the window .. Any suggestions or should I leave it?


Next steps will be ataching him to his planet/astoride-thing. Making a smaller planet for the background, and an attempt at painting cosmic light on a flat base for the hole thing .. plenty to do!







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More progress .. actually Im getting pretty close ..


Two little planets and the base plate. I might work a bit more base plate Space painting as it looks a bit more like fireworks right now, but Im not sure I can get it better.





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Working on a sign/name.

I ‘copied’ letters from a cover and freehanded the letters together, scanned it into photoshop and cleaned it up a bit. Printet out on foto paper, and painted with brush.


Im also starting to place things on the flat base..



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Thank you guys, Im planning to do the last bits tonight, so next update will be in showoff.

This has been a big and long project, lots of fun and only a few frustrations :0) ..and quite a few news to me painting technichs.

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