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Knight of the Dinner Table

The Winter Adventurers

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The High Wizard of Midlam has received disturbing reports that a small group of 'adventurers' have headed north, to the forbidden and foreboding Lost Mountains.  These distant mountains have long been a source of dread and legend to the people of Midlam.  Once home to the great dwarven people, now thought abandoned, the Lost Mountains have been under the grip of a magical winter for endless years.  It is feared, that should anyone travel there, they may bring some terrible evil upon Midlam.

The High Wizard has sent a small but dedicated group to pursue this 'Winter Party' and force them to return.  He has hand-selected a group of his greatest wizards, while the Baron of Midlam has assigned some of his most trusted scouts and warriors to guide and guard them on their search.

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present a collection of nine 28mm scale figures, for all of your winter and snow-based Fantasy games.  There is a male and female warrior/scout, female dwarf, male and female halfling, male wizard and apprentice, and female wizard and apprentice, all in winter clothing.
















I think this time they got me ... never backed one of theirs before because ... I really don't know why I didn't. I always liked a couple of the miniatures ... but this time, I like a lot.




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I'm gonna need you guys to invent teleportation so we can play Frostgrave.


Also, these minis are excellent. 

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9 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

These guys deliver really fast too


I hadn't heard of them before, so it's nice to know that they're good at the Kickstarter thing.

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I've always been impressed with Midlam.  Great models at great price points. 

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I especially like the male Halfling and female Dwarf. They make me think of the most recent issue of "Rat Queens", though their gear is a little more sensible than caps and scarves tossed over standard armor.

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15 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

That female Halfling .... thinking about putting a bottle into her hand so it looks like she is pouring some vodka ...

Oooh.  A St. Bernard would make a great Ranger companion.

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With a name like Brunhild I'm guessing they were thinking Nordic, but she looks like she'd make a beautiful Inuk warrior.

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I have backed a couple of their KS's earlier, and will definately back again. 

Good communication, delivery in time, high quality, crisp castings of excellent sculpts. Great stuff, A+ all around.



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