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TerraScapes: Caves & Grottos

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About this project

     In what we hope is our first set of TerraScapes, we present to you a natural Caves & Grottos core set. With the full range of 10 nonlinear modular tiles, you can quickly create ultra-realistic cavern scenarios for any of your spelunking endeavors! If you've ever found yourself in a cave, you know how under represented they are in the games that we love to play. There is nothing linear about spelunking and caverns aren't flat! Caves are twisted sections of open air encased by cool moist rocky walls. 

TerraScapes on TerraTiles! A match made in heaven! TerraScapes on TerraTiles! A match made in heaven!

TerraScapes: Caves and Grottos strives to simulate these realities for optimal immersion. To maximize the possibilities every tile is double sided! This means you get twice the tiles for half the material costs! Each tile is designed kind of like a table where instead of legs, you have stalactites and large rocks. When they are stacked up, this gives your layout real depth and introduces a whole new dimension for increased strategical encounters. Whether it's for your big boss battle, wargame or random encounter, everything you'll need for an endless tactical cavern layout comes with our core set of Caves & Grottos!


What's in the Core Set?  The Core Set of TerraScapes: Caves and Grottos will contain 9, premium double-sided durable resin 3D tiles and includes 1 exclusive Kickstarter Campaign tile. This is everything you'll need to bring to life any dynamic cavern scenario that you can dream up! We have split and organized the Core Set into 3 subsets of 3 tiles each. You can purchase any of these Packs or the Exclusive Kickstarter Campaign Tile as Add-ons during this campaign!


Core Pack:A Core Pack:A


Core Pack:B Core Pack:B


Core Pack:C Core Pack:C


Exclusive Kickstarter Tile:1! Exclusive Kickstarter Tile:1!


Why pledge? How about because these are super schweet man...  I've got a lot, and I mean A LOT of stretch goals in mind.  Most importantly there is a wisdom in crowds.  I can't wait to hear your Ideas for this Project too!  This platform for releasing a product is successful because of the Backers who contribute to its development.  I really want to develop this Project with you.  I'm certain that together, we can make TerraScapes a game night treat!


"So What makes TerraScapes so special?"

  • Quick Setup: These tiles are not like their linear cousins. Placing down just 1 tile covers the same area as 4 to 8 terrain pieces from other 3d terrain makers. You can create an awesome, natural looking layout in under a minute! You can literally throw them down and get right back to the game. There is a near infinite amount of possibilities.
  • Modular Variety: Any part of any side of any tile can be placed next to or on top of any other tile. Be creative!  They are also double sided! I guess that gives them twice the infinite variety then! HA!
  • Realism: No other 3D terrain can match TerraScapes ability to create the most realistic looking Caves & Grottos. If you have ever ventured outside, you know that the natural world is not linear. This is the beauty inherent in a nonlinear terrain system! It's non uniform but structured design simulates a natural cave effortlessly.  I can honestly say, even I didn't think they were going to work as well as they do.  I'm floored every time I design another completely different layout than the one before.
  • Scale Compatibility: The tile designs have been optimized for 15mm, 25mm, 28mm and even 32mm miniatures! 
  • Terrain Compatibility: Already own a fine cavern set or terrain set? Great! These tiles will enhance ANY other terrain set whether 2D or 3D that you may have already invested in!  There is no guarantee that TerraScapes will be compatible with any 4D or higher dimensional terrain.
  • Game Compatibility: Whether fantasy, sci-fi, western or modern, you may find yourself spelunking and adventuring your way through the deep! 
  • For Enthusiasts AND Hobbyists: We are offering 2 finished options for your set of TerraScapes only during the Kickstarter! The unpainted set is fresh from the mould to your hobby desk. They are ready for prep, primer and paint and of course any other accoutrements. The painted set comes prepped, primed, professionally painted and sealed by TerraScape's own design studio, MGStudio!  i.e.  My monkeys and Me!
  • Durability: Made with 100% Dorkenite (a.k.a very sturdy and hard resin).  I have thoroughly tested the material by throwing my first prototype into my hardwood table in a fit of nerd rage!  Not a stalagmite was injured during this test!  
  • 100% American Made! This wonderful product is being produced by gamers just like you. It gives us great pleasure to contribute to your games and enhance the stories being told around your tabletop!  I am both proud and honored to announce that Effin Cool Minis will be producing TerraScapes.  I am also happy to announce that their studio is less than a 2 hour drive from mine!  Moving from production to fulfillment won't involve any overseas partners, boats, shipping containers, or customs. 
  • Scale Modelling made easy! The caverns that you'll discover with Caves & Grottos practically build themselves.  Some of the most interesting caverns I've seen made with TerraScapes were constructed by my 10 year old son.  

Shipping Information:

All Domestic and International shipping rates apply!  I will be using a 3rd party Pledge Manager to account for all shipping charges!  Here is a rough estimate for what to expect when shipping a Complete Core set.

USA $20, Australia $68, Brazil $61, Canada $53, China $69, Japan $64, Mexico $55, Russia $68, UK $69, EU $58

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I like the look of these.  Rocky texture, yet flat enough for miniature placement.  Nice design.


The Terratiles kickstarters went smoothly as I recall.

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I don't think TerraScapes and TerraTiles are related. Different names on the projects, for one thing. Didn't look at the KS close enough, but I only saw that the TerraScapes *used* TerraTiles in their KS, not that they're the same company.


Anyway, for tiles this large, why not thick cork (not thin cork you use for sheets) as a DIY project? The creator's right that real caves are not flat like game tiles, but RPG cave maps are nonetheless almost always flat, and RPG gamers haven't had any problems with this. (And there's no reason why a dungeon should be flat, come to think of it, but they're still flat.) If you have cavern game tiles (or those cartoony Acheson dungeon game tiles), you could even more easily make your own cork "stackers" (or use the ones in the Secret Weapon Tablescapes KS) to elevate some of your game tiles.

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This is not Rainn Studio (makers of TerraTiles), but MiniGrinder Studios - who I believe have done work for Rainn in the past (painting minis).


This Kickstarter is now LIVE!

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They look nice. But part of what makes Dwarven Forge so great is keeping a grid for those of us who want that.


I could see these as a compliment to what I have, but I'd have to solve the grid dilemma. Just keeping an eye on this.

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YAR!  It's been too long since I've visited these forums.  Life has a way of sucking the life out of you lol.  Here's what I've been up to.


TerraScapes: Caves and Grottos is my first Kickstarter Project!  TerraScapes is a nonlinear modular terrain system that uses 3D tiles to create hyper realistic natural settings for any game that uses miniatures.  I have been developing this set of tiles over the course of the last year and it feels great to finally show it off!


The Core set contains 9 tiles with an extra exclusive Kickstarter Campaign tile.  Every tile is indeed double-sided and made out of very durable resin here in the good ol' U.S. of A.!


Their natural design allows for a near infinite array of layouts.  Checkout this video showing a few handful of layouts!


As an indy studio, I'm going to need all the help I can get, to get these tiles funded.  If they catch your eye at all, please take the time to check out my Kickstarter page.  It truly means the world to me!


Kickstarter Page Link:

Thanks so much for your time!  Wish me luck!!!





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Thanks for all the comments!


It's true that Terra Tiles and TerraScapes are not made by the same people.  However the kind folks over at RAINN Studios have been mentoring me through this difficult process of launching this Kickstarter!  A while back I did supply some miniatures for promo pics for one of their projects.  They are same ones I'm using for mine!  So I can see who one could be confused lol.  I've decided though that I will be giving away some Terra Tiles during the campaign to help spread the word.  I'll make a mention of that later when I got the details finalized.


As far as the ungridded space goes, I recently responded to another about that issue with this remark:


"Thanks for the inquiry. I knew this was going to be a big issue for a lot of people. I don't have any plans to modify them at this point. I too play an rpg that is highly tactical and distances are really very important. When I designed these tiles, I made sure to keep the dimensions of the flat open areas easily measurable by the eye. Most of the spaces are some multiple of a square inch actually. The bottoms of the tiles are 
even easier to guestimate with its stony pattern. When play testing the tiles I was surprised to find how easy it was to figure distance for simple things like moving. The base of the miniatures provide most of what you need to measure your characters steps. The only issue I really had was with spellcasting. To solve that problem, I took a string and put a green mark every inch, and a red mark every 5 inches. I know that's not ideal to do but it worked!

Thanks for the kind words about TerraScapes over look though! They really are a different bird altogether lol. Nothing quite like them out there. I plan on doing a live stream of one of our sessions during the campaign. I think if you watch you'll see the un-gridded space isn't as big a issue as 
it seems to be. lol hell even I was surprised lol.

-David the MG"

Edited by minigrinder

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These look very cool, and I wish you luck @minigrinder. I'm following the campaign, but I won't be able to make a decision until it is nearly at end, since I kind of blew my summer budget on a certain other addictive terrain KS.  

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I appreciate the support!  I know it was risky to launch sandwiched between DF and Bones 4.  If I get squashed by a house with chicken legs in the Doomish Dungeon, I will relaunch.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm gonna work my butt off every day to see this project funded this campaign .  However you may yet have a chance to pledge your support.  Until then, Share share share! There are other ways to support the project!!!

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As a way to encourage shares I started a contest on my studio's Facebook page.  I'll be giving away 3 sets of Terra Tiles Misty Moorlands and Coasts and Rivers!    Here's the link to the post for the details.  I hope this is OK to share here :)




Here's some pics of TerraScapes and Terra Tiles hanging out with one another!


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