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Ogress Bones III

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Nice.  I didn't even notice the little chained up Goblin until I started painting the clothes on mine.  I was a nice surprise and I think the best part of the model even though it's lack of detail makes it look a little derpy.  But then Goblins are supposed to look derpy. lol.

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Excellent paint job  on her! I hadn't even noticed the slave goblin before.

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She is LOVELY, a symphony in lavender & green. You did an OUTSTANDING job with the brush & palette. VERY WELL DONE!

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    • By Aard_Rinn
      So, one of my personal mini projects atm is working on some of the NPCs my players in my homebrew campaign are encountering.  And one of my favorite groups in that world are the Hunts - a loose-bound organization of groups (each called a Hunt) of fighters/mercenaries/warriors, each with their own specialty, who dedicated themselves to maintaining the roads and paths of Fidel during the millenia-long anarchy of the Mortal Wars.

      Now, what makes the Hunts distinctive from any other mercenary bands? Well, they ride BADASS FLYING MOUNTS.
      Gryphons, for the most part, although one or two specialize in pegasi, and a few ride more esoteric things... 

      Four NPCs intimately intertwined with the group are members of the Red Hunt - a sort of catch-all for powerful, destructive mages. Faukner, her apprentices Formel and Tiercel, and her wife, Charr. 
      So, I've had the Stonehaven Half-Dragon Duelist for ages. It's one of my favorite dragonborn minis, and I decided it'd be perfect for the swashbuckling Charr... It's a great mini, neat and clean with tons of personality.
      To give you an idea of who Charr is...
      Anyways, I've decided to do a WIP of this set of minis, starting with Charr's two forms. This is the thread for her humanoid form, obviously - I'm painting up the Temple Dragon for her dragonness form, and I'll try to do a WIP for that, too.

      I started off nice and simple - hit the face with some red, and decided on a blue-and-white scheme for the cloths. I'm trying to bring out some of the swashbuckler in this mini, so I like the naval colors. That said, I could use ideas for the cravat.

      Ordinarily, I'd paint my dragonborn's hair simularly to her scales and try to ignore it, but gonna go with dark for these dreads. They're sweet as hell. Wish DSM would give us a KS for these.

      And there's the face, pretty much finished, TBH! I washed it with Games Workshop's purple wash, pretty heavily so it'd sit well in the mouth and scale cracks, and then highlighted just with pure red. This is a proof-of-concept for the temple dragon, as well as a mini on it's own, and I'm pretty happy with it! Used Palimimo Gold for the eyes - something else that'll carry over!
    • By Nightwing
      Hi everyone, I finished Tuilin tonight. Color scheme was dictated by my wife and 5-year old daughter, right down to the sapphires and yellow flowers. I like her a lot. This was my first attempt at black hair. Critiques welcome!

    • By Pingo
      I had two copies of James van Schaik's 02863: Female Werewolf, so I decided to paint them with slight variations.
      I've painted them with realistic wolf coloring.  That is, they are colored like actual wolves that have been pulled and distorted into humanoid shapes rather than the solid black or gray common in werewolf depictions.










      WIP thread here.
    • By fanguad
      I started working on Kitty about 2 years ago.  I decided to bring her along to ReaperCon where I got in the zone with her and finished her off.  Lots of greens and yellows, but it's all centered around P3 Wurm Green, which is mixed into nearly everything.  (I think I had just bought a pot of it right when I first started the mini).  Helpful suggestions from other attendees and teachers (Cathy Wappel and Rhonda Bender in particular) definitely improved the quality.  The base material is from a tub of stuff I received from Frontline Games in my swag bag.

    • By Glitterwolf
      A while ago I had a poll to vote which bust I would paint next.
      This was the winner.
      So we better get started ( ok I'm also painting my Brutus Bust but she was first)
      She has many options, ( with or without hat, with or without a parrot, and with a shirt or topless)
      I'm going for full options.
      Trying to make the shirt somewhat sheer.
      OMG...I never done that!
      Wish me luck!

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