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Lt. Coldfire

02986: Eldessa, Necromancer

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The Girl could definitely raise the Dead or most anything she put her mind to. She is a BEAUTIFULLY painted & based creation. VERY WELL DONE!

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Lmao... I am officially old.  I just realized that this is a mini of a semi-clothed drow...  So, yes, that is some fine paint you laid down for the skin tones.   

Stupid little phone screen, stupid old eyes.... 

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    • By Metalchaos
      Hi everyone, good Friday! Here is DSM8020, the Female Fox Mage. This 28mm pewter model sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. The grimoire and dagger inspired me to paint her as a dark fur Necromancer. I was deligted by the amazing detail of this model, the dagger scabbard, the candle monted on the staff and the textured fabric are impressive and were a pleasure to paint.












    • By Pingo
      This is Reaper 03042, the second version of Morrdha, Vampire Noble, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
      I don't know what his story is, but both versions are casting something from a book of Up to No Good, and both have a little demon thing lurking at their feet.
      I loved the lively cape on this figure, and the melodrama. I decided to paint him ginger and make his armor look appallingly rusty.
      Oh, right, and while I did not exactly do NMM or anything, I did paint his sword with pigmented colors instead of my usual sloshing on of metallic silver.
      There is no WIP thread, but I would be happy to answer questions. Comments and critiques are also welcome.






    • By Silvervane
      Well, I finally have gotten around to starting up the Necromancer's from Zombicide: Black Plague.  I could have started with the core Necro, but I felt inspired to start with Grin.  Now I as I painted him up I had to constantly tell myself he's only for gaming.  But I think he has some character.  The game fiction has him being a Necromancer that failed at an attempt to bring out the dead, from a pesky adventurer.  So I decided to give him a similar complexion to my zombies.  Then I decided to attempt to give him some red lips to enhance his grin.  In the end for a table top mini I think he came out ok.

      Though After painting him up I noticed a few spots I'll touch up.  Then I though that he would have look cool painted up as a not-joker.  *Sigh*  Maybe someday I'll look to see if I can acquire another copy.  Thanks for any C&C you feel inspired to give.
    • By NyarlaBcn
      I love a necromancer who actually looks like an old, old, old men who is determined to keep beeing old, but alive, for centuries thanks to his magic. 
      To me that miniature was all about trying to keep the detail on the face, not loose it's wrinkles, and maybe I neglected a bit the rest. Now I see it in photo, the clothes could be better (particularly the blacks), and the metals... 

    • By NyarlaBcn
      I've first seen Vatanis as part of the Maggotcrown expansion on Reaper Bones IV Kickstarter. I inmediately added the expansion on my already excessive pledge; but to me Bones is only for the tabletop. On my showcases I want metal or at least resin miniatures with better definition, so I bought him as soon as the metal version was aviable. 
      I think the miniature has a lot of character, and tells quite the story. First, it's a tiefling, a half demon on classic D&D. Then, apparently, a necromancer; a warlock too maybe, a generalist magician. But judging from his muscle tone and leather bandana we can assume he is also some kind of a warrior/rogue. We can expect him to be a deceiver, a powerful foe, a dangerous villain for our heroes. 
      I didn't liked the scheme we can see on Reaper store, so I gived him another one a bit more sober, classic necromancer palette. 

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