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After some time, I finally wrapped up my two sets of Death Guard from the new Warhammer 40,000 starter set, "Dark Imperium".  The entire second set is converted, I'm not a fan of clones in my armies.

The rotting masses:



The Lord of Contagion, no real work done to him other than the paint:



Rotbringer Goth'ma, my count-as Typhus, built from the Lord of Contagion:




The Malignant Plaguecaster, another standard build:


And an Icon Bearer, converted from the Plaguecaster:


The Putrid Blightbringer:


A Sorcerer conversion from the Blightbringer.  He could also count as Necrosius:


Plague Champion:


He's the only non-Poxwalker who I didn't convert for the second copy.  I set him aside, as there's another Plague Champion coming in the First Strike starter set.   Maybe he'll be useful for one of the new entries when the Death Guard codex comes out.


lord b.jpg

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Extra picture, woops!
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Individual shots of the Foetid Blight Drone (sadly the first one didn't really come out)


The second Drone, converted to have a different look for melee.


I  should probably get some Nurgle's Rot or other technical paint, and cover up some of the more unique battle damage on the second drone to make them look a bit different.

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Looks great!


Now I feel shame because I haven't even gotten all of the Primaris Marines assembles yet, let alone paint anything...and I've had mine since they became available.

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Now for some Troops!

Plasma Gunners, the only in this post worth anything.  Head and backpack swaps:




And the generics...well, as generic as Plague Marine can be!


















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I almost forgot the most pathetic of Dark Imperium forces, the Poxwalkers!

I haven't painted near the full set yet and probably won't.  I actually traded the second set from the second box.  While I don't mind the super-mutated new look, I had plenty of Plague Zombies done already and don't want to spend all that time detailing miniatures that are just a trash horde unit in game.

I've tried to convert all clone sculpts into being also fantasy-appropriate or also usable as Cultists.


















"Hey wait, I'm still alive!"






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What a disgusting mess!!:winkthumbs:


Good painting, and very interesting conversions, grandfather Nurgle is quite pleased.

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1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

What a disgusting mess!!:winkthumbs:

I'd be insulted if it wasn't a Nurgle project.

It would also be acceptable for Undead.

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I was also wondering what that cobblestone mat that your figures are standing on is...

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4 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

I was also wondering what that cobblestone mat that your figures are standing on is...


It's a Christmas Village mat that Michael's gets in for the holidays.  I can't remember the brand.  They also do a brick one.


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The forces of the "First Strike" boxed set join the fray:




The Plague Champion:




The Plague Marine:


The Blight Launcher:5991dabdf201b_plagueg.thumb.jpg.e4b35b9b0f837a148444767ab0339f3d.jpg5991dabf7fa41_plagueh.thumb.jpg.aedab08f14eb66cb56d285c793b4c44f.jpg5991dac0efb13_plaguei.thumb.jpg.9dcc40dcdd176185e21079a8697e1307.jpg












Okay, this guy snuck in, and isn't really from First Strike:


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