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Any Advice on Douglas Cohen's Long Sculpting Class

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Hello Again, all, long time,


I was wondering if anyone here who has taken Douglas Cohen's sculpting Class (the Long 2-day one) could give me any advice on whether or not it would be good for me.  I've managed to take most of the classes I really wanted to take over the course of several previous ReaperCons and so If I want to, I could sign up for that class.  Some specific questions I have:


1) I have a little bit of modeling experience in Greenstuff, mostly conversions, patching, and the occasional tiny extra.  I would be taking this class specifically to get better at modeling more complicated things.  Good idea, or are the concepts here too hard to pick up unless you're already making your own models?


2) How does the schedule work for people?  I mostly attend ReaperCon *to* take classes, so spending all my time in classes doesn't bother me a bit. 


3) Any other notes on the class that you think I might want to know? 


Thanks for any feedback anyone can give.  Cheers!



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Its not a new class, but the first time it ran was last year. Doug hand sculpts almost every figure that you see him paint. It is a decidedly different process than most of sculptors use and I think its well worth attending if you can afford the time commitment to it.

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